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Plastic Caps protect parts.

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Plastic Caps protect parts.

Jan 22, 2002 - FL Series straight-sided tube caps have flanged tops for ease of removal. They are available in 2 sizes that have long inside lengths, making it suitable to protect threaded and non-threaded parts in various applications. Two sizes protect threads of 1/2 and 7/8 in. diameter. Caps are constructed of flexible and durable low-density polyethylene, and are available in standard orange.

Niagara Caps & Plugs - Erie, PA

Original Press Release

Niagara Plastics Offers Free Samples & Literature on New FL Series Straight Caps with Flanges and Longer Inside Lengths

Press release date: Nov 01, 2001

(November 2001) - Free samples and literature on its new line of FL Series caps are offered by Niagara Plastics Company, Erie, PA. The new FL Series is a straight-sided tube cap with a flanged top for easy removal. It is available in two sizes that feature longer inside lengths than its standard flange-tube caps, according to Niagara Plastics. The new FL Series cap is designed to protect threaded and non-threaded parts in a variety of applications.

The two sizes in the FL Series are engineered to protect threads of 1/2-inch and 7/8-inch diameters, the company states. The longer inside lengths, providing added protection, are 1.33-inches and 1.69-inches respectively. FL Series caps are constructed of flexible yet durable low-density polyethylene and are available in standard orange.

FL Series plugs can be ordered in Red-E-Pak(TM) quantities (one-fifth of a standard carton) or in standard cartons from the company's website.