Plastic Bench Welder utilizes infrared heating arrays.

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With directed IR system, Model 8050 bonds and seals two thermoplastic parts by bringing joints together under pressure, producing strong hermetic seal. Unit plugs into 120 V outlet and heats up in 1 min. Non-contact IR heating arrays do not need cleaning and require no ventilation because there is no smoke from weld. Measuring 23 x 28 x 32 in., welder can accept open access light screen instead of manual door, accelerating cycle time of operator while still providing emergency shutdown.

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Introducing the New 8050 Infrared Fusion Plastic Bench Welder

Trinetics Group brings a new affordable and compact Infrared Plastic Bench Welder to Market, and has many advantages over hot platen plastic welding processes.

The Trinetics new model 8050 Infrared Non-Contact Fusion Plastic Welding System is a breakthrough in size, cost and efficiency over larger floor model systems.

The directed I/R system expands the capabilities of thermoplastic welding by enabling very intricate plastic components to bond with cooler, safer and energyefficient non-contact welds. Its IR heating arrays can be designed to join similar or two dissimilar plastic materials with differentiating melting points. A hot plate takes hours to heat up, constantly the operator needs to clean the hot plate and they take a large amount of energy to run. The 8050 Bench Infrared Welder can be plugged into a normal 120V outlet, heats up in 1 minute and the array does not need to be cleaned.

In directed infrared fusion welding the parts being welded never come in contact with the infrared array, as they do with the hot platen in standard thermoplastic welding. This eliminates material buildup on the welding arrays, which diminishes requirements for press ventilation systems, as well as reducing joint consumption and flashing, maintenance and downtime. This technology allows the use of short heat cycle times and has many advantages over hot platen processes, according to Mike Munnings, the president of Trinetics Group. "This offers up to 75% savings with go green energy efficiency, a cooler work area, 15 second startup times, average of 10 second production cycle times, reduced maintenance as no material is built up on arrays, the PLC logic is operator friendly and its entry way is operator safe." Munnings said.

The advantages of the 8050 Bench Infrared Welder is it brings an infrared welding solution within the financial reach of many companies who could not previously afford this technology. These custom designed units typically sell over $100,000 but this model is much less.

Next is how our patented infrared technology bonds and seals two thermoplastic parts by bringing the joints together under pressure. The process produces a strong and extremely reliable hermetic seal.

Another advantage of the Bench Model IR welder is it’s size. Its exterior dimensions are around 23” wide x 28” deep and 32” high. The compact size advantage opens up much greater flexibility as to location within a facility for improved process flow.

There are design alternatives that offer a customer flexibility in their capital spending. For example, the machines low price starts with designs using pneumatic controls but servo driven motors have been incorporated in many machines. We are able to use programmable positioning on the tooling when we switch from pneumatic to slides.

To assist maintenance personnel, Trinetics is able to build in any brand-name controller operator interface (PLC) into the welder the customer requires since they have a brand-name preference.

This new welder is up to five times more cost and energy efficient to operate than a hot plate welding process which takes large amount of energy and heat to operate. The non-contact IR welder plugs into a 120 volt outlet, starts up within a minute and cools down fast, heat is more focused to eliminate part distortion. The no contact array requires dramatically less maintenance and requires no ventilation because there is no smoke from the weld.

The 8050 Bench Infrared Welder is able to accept an open access light screen instead of a manual door. This speeds up the cycle time of the operator and still provides emergency shut down safety provisions. To assist in operator fatigue the welder is able to accept ergonomic non contact infrared push buttons instead of the standard press down push buttons.

The operator touch pad is the interface to the system controller which enables the operator/maintenance to change the heat times, hold times, array temperature, cycle counts, manually cycle the welder and check status of all inputs and output to the controller for diagnostic purposes.

Running multiple products is easily changed since the programmer is preset. Retooling is easy since the basic design of the tooling can be made to be adjustable. Depending on the application there is only a need to use a different size heating array and it is changed out easily.

Because of the compact nature of this new design, the 8050 has an optional side saddle for those customers who have a need to secure longer lengths. The side saddle gives the welder amazing flexibility for multiple lengths in tubes, pipes, bar stock, filters, etc.

Trinetics has become a leader in the development of thermoplastic assembly systems. Along with directed infrared, other exclusive Trinetics systems include Series 4000 Hot Tool/Cold Insert System, the patented Series 5000 Hot/Air Cold Form™ Staking System, Series 6000 Metal Power Spin Welders, Series 7000 Power Orientation Welders™.

For more information on plastic welding solutions, call (321) 383-3456 or visit Trinetics, family-owned and operated since 1975, is a leader in the plastic welding industries.

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