Plasma Torch Kits increase cut speeds.

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Designed for HyDefinition HD4070 metal cutting systems, HyPerformance torch-and-lead upgrade kits come with 6, 10, or 15 ft torch lead. Each contains 200 A machine torch, HyPerformance torch lead set, and upgrade software, plus upgrade field service bulletin and ID and safety labels. HyPerformance technology enables virtually dross-free, precision cuts consistently throughout full life of torch electrodes and other consumables.

Original Press Release:

Hypertherm Releases HyPerformance Torch Upgrade for HyDefinition HD4070 Systems

Hanover, NH - A new HyPerformance plasma torch upgrade from Hypertherm, Inc. brings the benefits of patented HyPerformance technology to existing HyDefinition HD4070 metal cutting systems. Consistent cut quality, increased productivity and lower operating costs - HyPerformance hallmarks - are now assured for owners of older HD4070 mechanized systems. Cut speeds after upgrade are up to 28% faster and operating costs about 50% lower.

"This HyPerformance torch upgrade underscores Hypertherm's commitment to improving the capabilities of systems already in the field," said Peter Officer, Marketing Manager. "By switching out their old torches with this newer technology, HD4070 owners will see improvements in cut quality, consumable life and productivity that translate quickly into improvements in the bottom line."

Torch-and-lead upgrade kits for the HD4070 come with either a 6-foot, 10-foot or 15-foot torch lead. Each kit contains a 200-amp machine torch, HyPerformance torch lead set and upgrade software plus upgrade field service bulletin, ID and safety labels. A consumable parts kit (30-200 amps) is sold separately. Upgrade kits plus installation assistance are available through authorized Hypertherm partners around the world.

Patented HyPerformance technology was first introduced by Hypertherm in 2004. The standard-setting plasma solution achieves the virtually dross-free quality of HyDefinition cutting, but does it with greater speed and longer consumable life - up to two times longer than with other systems. HyPerformance allows precision cuts, not just initially, but consistently throughout the full life of torch electrodes and other consumables.

Since 1968, Hypertherm has been the industry leader in plasma arc cutting equipment and service. Now, with its entry into the laser-plate cutting market, Hypertherm expands its technology leadership commitment. By continually delivering breakthrough advances in metal-cutting productivity and precision - first in plasma, now also in laser - Hypertherm reaffirms and extends its position as the world's leading supplier of advanced high temperature metal cutting technology. Hypertherm serves a wide range of industrial metal cutting needs from its headquarters in Hanover, New Hampshire, with subsidiaries, sales offices and partner representation worldwide.

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