Plasma System is suited for high-volume PCB processing.

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PROVIA(TM) system promotes uniformity of plasma treatment in HDI, flexible, and rigid circuit board processing applications such as desmear, etchback, and blind via cleaning. Gas distribution, vacuum, and electrical isolation technologies ensure uniform processing across each panel within individual processing cell as well as from cell to cell. Also supported, pre-etch conditioning technology minimizes processing time.

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March Plasma Systems Announces PROVIA(TM) System for High-Volume PCB Processing

CONCORD, California, October 18 -- March Plasma Systems, the global leader in gas plasma processing technology, today announced the new PROVIA Plasma System. The PROVIA system has been developed to respond to the growing PCB industry requirements for superior processing quality and performance. The PROVIA System dramatically improves the uniformity of plasma treatment in HDI, Flexible and Rigid circuit board processing applications such as desmear, etchback and blind via cleaning.

The PROVIA system delivers a variety of new and patented features including new gas distribution, vacuum and electrical isolation technology. The technology ensures superior uniformity of processing across each panel within an individual processing cell as well as cell to cell.

The PROVIA system also features new pre-etch conditioning technology which reduces total processing time by more than 20%, directly resulting in improved PCB system throughput.

Designed with reduction of cost-of-ownership in mind, the PROVIA system offers superior efficiency with unique compact design. Major components such as the vacuum pump are built into the system, reducing required floor space by more than 50% in comparison to March's industry leading PCB 2800 system.

"March is well positioned to support the innovations in PCB design that have resulted in multi-layer boards with high-density interconnects with finer pitch and smaller vias," reports Peter Bierhuis, President, March Plasma Systems. "Our new PROVIA PCB system is tailored to meet the specific need for desmear, etchback and via cleaning in high-volume applications."

About March Plasma Systems:

March Plasma Systems is the global leader in plasma processing technology for the medical device / life science, semiconductor and printed circuit board industries. March has customer support centers worldwide, including California, Florida, Europe, and throughout Asia. With over 20 years of continuous innovation, March designs and manufactures a complete line of award-winning and patented gas plasma processing systems.

March Plasma Systems, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordson Corporation, (Nasdaq: NDSN) the world's leading producer of precision dispensing equipment.

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Concord, CA USA 94520-1122
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