Plasma Cutting System has Boost Conditioner circuit.

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Portable Powermaxl000® G3 Series has power supply that incorporates G3 advanced technologies, such as Auto-voltage input sensing; this allows the operator to run on voltages from 200 to 600 V, 1 or 3-phase, without need for manual linking. G3 design permits high-quality cuts over a wide range of thicknesses. Torches feature HyLife electrodes that extend consumable life. Nozzle wear is reduced by Hypertherm's dual-threshold pilot circuit.

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Hypertherm's 3rd Generation Of Plasma Cutting Has A Second Great Product

Hanover, NH, USA - The new Powermaxl 000® G3 SeriesTM portable hand plasma cutting system from Hypertherm Inc. incorporates the same breakthrough power-supply and torch technologies, proven with the Powermaxl250. Available now, the Powermaxl 000 is the
second high-performance product in Hypertherm's third generation (G3 Series) of plasma systems, cutting faster and more economically than any system available today.

The power supply, the heart of the machine, incorporates G3 advanced technologies, such as Auto-voltageTM input sensing which allows the operator to run on voltages from 200 to
600 V, 1 or 3-phase, and CE models 230 to 400 V, 3-phase without the need for any manual linking.

Also improving the Powermaxl000's power supply is a Boost ConditionerTM circuit that compensates for any voltage variation. Its digitally-controlled inverter delivers continuously adjustable, constant-current output from 20 to 60 amps. This third-generation, G3 design permits high-quality cuts over a wide range of metal thicknesses. Intelligent torch design-incorporating five separate Hypertherm-patented technologies-has resulted in a plasma cutting system that cuts faster, lasts longer and feels better to operate.

The PowermaxlOOO torches, T60 and T60M, feature HyLifeTm electrodes that extend consumable life by as much as 10 times in tests. Nozzle wear is reduced by Hypertherm's Dual-thresholdTM pilot circuit. The Coaxial-assistTM jet design boosts cutting speed by up to 20%. The patented "blow-back" technology delivers a pilot arc without high-frequency interference. And the system's distinctive safety trigger protects against accidental starts.

The new Powermax1000 plasma cutting system is engineered to excel under the harshest environmental conditions. A variety of options respond to the specialized needs of different
applications. Full warranty service covers the power supply for three years and torch for one.

For customer convenience, the complete PowermaxlOOO product brochure is posted on the
web (

Hypertherm provides the best quality, high-temperature and material-processing technologies in the world. Over the last 30 years, Hypertherm has led the industry in the technological development, design and manufacturing of plasma arc cutting equipment and service. Hypertherm serves a wide range of industrial metal-cutting needs from its headquarters in Hanover, New Hampshire and worldwide subsidiaries, sales offices and
partner representation.

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