Planning System promotes mobile carrier network migration.

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Spanning multiple network layers, OnePlan(TM) system provides features that assist mobile carriers in design and deployment of next-generation IP networks. It helps with build vs. lease backhaul and backbone decisions through what-if analyses and automates all network planning, engineering, and decommissioning activities. Designed to optimize traffic and reduce backhaul, solution helps ensure carriers are properly equipped to be responsive to demand for next-generation services.

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Telecommunications Industry First: a Comprehensive Planning System that Migrates Mobile Carriers to Next-Generation Networks

VPIsystems' OnePlan Facilitates Successful Introduction of New High-bandwidth Services and Reduces Backhaul Expenses for Mobile Carriers

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 14 -- VPIsystems, provider of network resource planning software and services for the global telecommunications industry, announced at the 3GSM World Congress today that its OnePlan(TM) system, in an industry first, provides features that specifically assist mobile carriers in the planning and deployment of their next-generation IP (Internet Protocol) networks.

Next-generation services such as mobile video can require over 100 times the bandwidth of traditional voice and data services. Despite the daunting network challenges these next-generation services present, they hold the promise of revolutionizing the way people communicate and the way the mobile industry operates.

In order to meet the growing consumer demand for bandwidth-hungry services such as video, as well as interactive gaming and social networking, mobile carriers are migrating to next-generation, mobile IP networks. In order to meet shareholder demands, however, carriers must tightly align deployment of those new mobile IP-based networks with customer adoption and deploy capacity as efficiently as possible.

Meeting Customer Demand

The OnePlan system helps mobile carriers integrate business planning, marketing and engineering information and requirements so that new networks are properly equipped to be responsive to the "bursty," high-bandwidth nature of next-generation services. Until now, these critical information centers were not integrated and as a result, network deployments were planned predominantly through historical trending, which resulted in network over and under provisioning.

Ensuring that capacity is aligned with demand is critical to the ultimate success of new mobile service introductions. Underprovision capacity, and a new service could be dead in a matter of weeks. Overprovision capacity and the bottom line suffers. OnePlan enables carriers to thread that needle.

"The influx of high-speed data services is presenting mobile carriers with network planning challenges that traditional planning methods are ill-equipped to handle," said Larry Goldman of OSS Observer. "Systems like OnePlan help carriers bridge that planning gap to ensure new service roll-outs are efficient, effective and provide the quality experience that customers demand."

Reducing Backhaul Expense

A mobile carrier's greatest operating expense is backhaul or leased wirelines for transporting network traffic. Because most mobile carriers today still lease much of their backhaul bandwidth, expenses associated with those leases today represent 25 to 40 percent of operating expenses--and bandwidth- hungry video services will increase that number even more. Through proper

planning with the OnePlan system, carriers can optimize traffic and significantly reduce their backhaul expenses. OnePlan achieves this through:

-- Re-clustering backhaul connectivity
-- Merging core and backhaul transmission onto one optimal network
-- Selection of the most efficient backhaul technology

Furthermore, as mobile carriers evolve and grow, OnePlan helps them more cost-effectively make "build vs. lease" backhaul and backbone decisions through "what-if" analyses that provide a comprehensive overview of technology and vendor options. As carriers choose to own more of the network and as site coverage saturates geographic areas, the backhaul options for mobile carriers grow. OnePlan enables carriers to rapidly and confidently decide where building or leasing networks is their best option.

"By ensuring network responsiveness to customer demand, carriers are able to more effectively roll out new services," said Hank Firey, CEO of VPIsystems. "When carriers take the extra step of optimizing network traffic and reducing their backhaul expense, they secure revenue gains while reducing both capital and operating expenses. OnePlan is helping carriers to compete on cost, without competing on margin, and this gives our customers a huge competitive advantage."

About OnePlan

OnePlan offers communications service providers a single, cross-domain (geography, technology, discipline and network domain) integrated capacity and network planning capability, OnePlan has become the system of choice for any carrier planning transition to a next-generation, IP-enabled network. Through its modular design, OnePlan provides a scalable solution that can start as a single technology module, and grow to a high-availability system spanning multiple network layers where OnePlan automates all network planning, engineering and decommissioning activities.

About VPIsystems, Inc.

VPIsystems is the only provider of integrated capacity and network planning software and services for the global telecommunications industry. The company's OnePlan(TM) software system gives telecommunications and multi- service providers the ability to cohesively plan the financial, technical and marketing aspects of their network evolution, for all current and future network types. Headquartered in Holmdel, NJ, and with offices in Europe, Asia, and Australia, VPIsystems' software is used by over 150 communications service providers and network equipment manufacturers to assess current and future capacity needs, and optimally plan their QoS-constrained service networks and underlying transport infrastructure. For further information, visit us at

CONTACT: Barbara Pistilli of VPIsystems, Inc., +1.732.332.0233 ext. 120,, or Gerald Kimber White of RF Binder Partners, +1.781.455.8250,

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