Planet Payment Selects PerSay for Voice Authentication

Biometrics Adds Voice Processing Capability to Planet Payment's Product Set

LONDON, Nov. 29 -- Planet Payment , a leading international multi-currency payment and data processor, announced today its selection of PerSay, the leading provider of advanced voice biometric solutions, to deliver voice authentication technology to be integrated with Planet Payment's product suite for the banking, financial services and retail sectors.

As the use of mobile phones has grown exponentially and reached universal adoption on a worldwide basis, Planet Payment has seen a corresponding increase in the need for payment and processing solutions that allow businesses to reach customers more effectively via this medium. To address this need, Planet Payment created its BuyVoice line of mobile payment solutions, which provides merchants with easy-to-use powerful tools to market, reach and sell to customers.

Customers using Shop BuyVoice(TM) can conduct quick, simple and secure shopping just by speaking, using any mobile telephone. In the next product generation, consumers will have the option to register for the service online or over the phone, and only need to provide an identifier and voiceprint, along with payment and delivery information, to conduct secure, convenient mobile shopping. PerSay's voice biometric technologies will provide customer verification by taking advantage of the fact that each person's voice is a unique and unobtrusive identifier, like a fingerprint.

"Planet Payment believes that the mobile commerce segment is becoming more important to banks and merchants worldwide, and we are committed to providing the market with leading-edge voice commerce and processing solutions which business can use to sell more product and simplify the shopping experience. PerSay's voice authentication technology adds an additional layer of security and privacy to our product line, further extending Planet Payment's lead in highly secure payment and data processing with the ease of voice and the simplicity of any phone," says Phillip Beck, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Planet Payment.

"Planet Payment joins a growing list of market leaders, such as Bell (Canada), British Telecom and Bank Leumi, that are combining enhanced security with a more convenient customer experience through the application of advanced voice biometric technologies. We are honored to have been selected as Planet Payment's voice authentication partner," says Almog Aley-Raz, PerSay CEO.

In December 2006, Planet Payment launched Payment BuyVoice, which allows merchants to accept credit card payments via any mobile or landline phone, in conjunction with a transportation payment specialist in the U.K. In July 2007, Planet released a beta of its new and revolutionary Shop BuyVoice product in the United States. BuyVoice with voice authentication will be introduced as a product enhancement to the current beta product.

About Planet Payment

Further information on Planet Payment [LSE: AIM: PPT and PPTR for unrestricted and Reg S common shares respectively] can be found at: This website is the one required to be maintained by the Company pursuant to AIM Rule 26 and the information required to be provided under Rule 26 is accessible by clicking on "Investors."

Planet Payment ( is a multi-currency payment and data processor, enabling processors, acquiring banks and their merchants to accept, process and reconcile credit card transactions in multiple currencies, allowing cardholders to view prices and settle transactions in their native currency. Planet Payment's systems also enable it to provide enhanced data reporting and data management and integrated payment solution support to merchants using multiple systems in different countries. The "Pay in Your Currency" is a component of Planet Payment's suite of multi-currency processing solutions, which include a multi-currency pricing e-commerce service and a Dynamic Currency Conversion service. Planet Payment also recently launched BuyVoice(TM), a mobile payment and commerce solution, which allows merchants to accept payments and sell product to customers using any mobile or landline phone.

The Planet Payment business was established in 1999. Planet Payment is headquartered in New York and has offices in Atlanta, Beijing, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

About PerSay

PerSay Ltd. ( is a leading provider of advanced biometric speaker verification products. PerSay's technology relies on the biometric power of voice to verify a speaker's identity. PerSay's products have been deployed by leading financial services, telecom operators, healthcare providers, enterprises and law enforcement agencies worldwide. PerSay is a spin-off of Verint Systems Inc., with offices in Tel Aviv and New York, and a network of partners and system integrators worldwide.

Source: Planet Payment


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