Planar MOSFETs suit multi-market applications.

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Series C and V2 QFET® planar MOSFETs combine DMOS and planar stripe structure technologies. They offer reduced on-state loss by lowering on-resistance and reduced switching loss by lowering gate charge and output capacitance. Products come in standard surface-mount and through-hole type packages and are suitable for power supplies, power factor correction, DC/DC converters, plasma display panels, lighting ballasts, and motion control.

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Fairchild's Advanced QFET® Planar MOSFETs Boast Best-In-Class Figure of Merit for Multi-Market Applications

Bucheon, Korea -July 14, 2003- Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS) introduces new QFET® planar MOSFETs utilizing advanced, proprietary technology to offer best-in-class operating performance for a wide range of applications including power supplies, PFC (power factor correction), DC/DC converters, plasma display panels (PDP), lighting ballasts, and motion control. These new C-Series (FQxxNxxC) and V2 Series (FQxxNxxV2) MOSFETs offer reduced on-state loss by lowering on-resistance (RDS(On)) and reduced switching loss by lowering gate charge (Qg) and output capacitance (Coss); benefits that result from combining Fairchild's proprietary DMOS and advanced planar stripe structure technologies. By using advanced QFET process technology, Fairchild can offer a 25% improved figure of merit (FOM) over competing planar MOSFET devices.

According to Joon Rhee, Fairchild's marketing director, "These advanced QFET planar MOSFETs offer lower on resistance, lower gate charge, and higher avalanche energy density in the avalanche and commutation modes than previously available.
In addition," said Rhee, "the lower effective Coss of the advanced QFET MOSFETs will not only simplify circuit designs for
hard switching of power supplies, but will also simplify circuit design for resonant mode switching of server/telecom power
management, PDP power management, and UPS applications."

For cost effectiveness, the new QFET series products are available in standard surface-mount and through-hole type packages (TO-92, TO-92L, TO-126).

The two new QFET MOSFET series expand Fairchild's power solutions that include PWMs, LDOs, rectifiers, voltage reference, and optocouplers.

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Price: Products range from US $0.5 to US $4.0 (1000 pcs.)

Availability: Now

Delivery: 8 weeks ARO

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Fairchild Semiconductor:

Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS) is a leading global supplier of high performance products for multiple end markets. With a focus on developing leading edge power and interface solutions to enable the electronics of today and tomorrow, Fairchild's components are used in computing, communications, consumer, industrial and automotive applications. Fairchild's 10,000 employees design, manufacture and market power, analog & mixed signal, interface, logic, and optoelectronics products from its headquarters in South Portland, Maine, USA and numerous locations around the world. Please contact us on the web at

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