Placement Platforms address various assembly tasks.

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Platform AC-30L utilizes rotary Lightning head with radial array of 30 modular, individually controlled spindles. It drives placement rates up to 30,000 cph and addresses component range from 0201s to 30 x 30 mm. Multi-Function AX-72 deploys up to 2 heads on one beam, offering combination head capability. Component range is from 0201s to 55 x 55 mm devices at placement rates to 16,500 cph. It also delivers material dispensing capabilities.

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Universal Instruments is Showing two AdVantisTM Placement Platform Models at NEPCON East

Universal Instruments is showing two AdVantisTM placement platform models at NEPCON East on Booth #3001. The company's platform product portfolio now includes a broad range of AdVantis models specifically configured to address a variety of assembly tasks while still offering maximum flexibility, modularity and exceptional value.

On display at NEPCON are the AdVantis AC-30L model, a high speed modular system featuring Universal's acclaimed Lightning head, and the AX-72 model, a modular multi-function system featuring a choice of placement and dispense head options along with odd-form placement capability. Universal will be demonstrating the flexibility of its AdVantis platform in New Product Introduction (NPI) applications and fast product changeovers ideal for high-mix manufacturing environments. In addition, experts from Universal's acclaimed Binghamton SM Lab and Global Services teams will be on the NEPCON booth.

The AC-30L (Lightning) Platform combines the throughput of Universal's revolutionary rotary Lightning head with the flexibility and value driven performance of the acclaimed AdVantis platform. With its ability to deliver high utilization for both top and bottom side applications along with high speed placement of large parts, the AdVantis AC-30L blurs the distinction between Flexible Fine Pitch and Chip Shooters. The Lightning head itself features a radial array of 30 modular, individually controlled spindles - a configuration that delivers productivity-enhancing features by driving placement rates up to 30,000cph on AdVantis.

Universal's AdVantis AC-30L addresses an unsurpassed range of components from 0201s to 30mm x 30mm and places devices such as CSP, WSP, uBGA, and Melfs at full speed.

The Multi-Function AX-72 Platform is one of the most flexible and modular AdVantis models with a configuration that deploys up to two heads on a single beam, offering combination head capability. Component range is from 0201s to 55mm x 55mm devices (in a single field-of-view) at placement rates up to 16,500cph. As well as a selection of camera systems and a wide range of feeder types including tape, tray, tube, component strips, bulk, odd-form, wafer, waffle and gel pack, the AX-72 also delivers material dispensing capabilities.

Other AdVantis Platform models in the current range include the AC-72 General Purpose Modular system, the AI-72 High-Speed Flexible Modular system, the AI-42 Precise Odd-Form Modular system and the AFC-42 High Accuracy Flip Chip placer.

Universal's entire AdVantis platform range now incorporates a number of design enhancements, many of which - such as feeders, vision, heads and software - maintain commonality with other Universal Instruments platform equipment. Improved feeder interfaces feature robust three-point mountings.

AdVantis features the company's latest windows-based UPS+ software to offer a familiar graphics-based interface. UPS+ improves localised ease-of-use worldwide thanks to its multiple language support and customisable interface screens.

Equally as important as cycle times for maximized productivity is idle time. Again, Universal's platform products deliver more functionality to reduce idle time through new software tools to improve calibration and diagnostics, and to facilitate fast product changeover. AdVantis Platforms also incorporate a complete family of spliceable feeders, dual-track tape feeders, and new feeder bank change carts that effectively double the on-machine inventory for 8mm components.

Universal Instruments is a global electronics productivity specialist, providing innovative circuit, semiconductor and end-of-line assembly technologies and equipment, integrated system solutions, and process expertise to manufacturers in every sector of the electronics industry.

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