Placement Machine offers 100 ppm performance.

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Featuring built-in turret technology, 4-gantry Quadris-S(TM) combines 80,000 cph placement performance, size 0201 to 44 x 44 mm component range, and support for tape and tray feeders. It provides motion controls and productivity optimizers such as automatic board centering between feeder banks and on-the-fly gang recognition. Fine pitch capabilities support BGA or leaded packages of 0.5 mm pitch. Other features include direct drive 12-spindle head, linear motion, and linear sensor.

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S stands for Speed; Quadris-S(TM) Raises the Bar with Concentrated Throughput and Uncompromising All-Round Performance

The arrival of the new Universal Instruments Quadris-S four-gantry placement machine, with turret technology built-in, leverages advanced motion controls to achieve the highest throughput-per-machine footprint in it's class and the widest part range for high-speed gantry style machines without changing heads. In addition, Quadris-S delivers this flexibility and concentrated throughput with 100ppm final placement performance, combining speed and versatility with high utilization and repeatability.

Quadris-S combines 80,000 cph placement performance, 0201 to 44mm x 44mm component range, support for tape and tray feeders including dual-track feeders, and productivity optimizers including automatic board centering between feeder banks, on-the-fly gang recognition, and bank feeder change. In addition to high-speed placement of SMDs as small as 0201, Quadris-S fine pitch capabilities support BGA or leaded packages of 0.5mm pitch, with ball diameters down to 0.3mm or leads of width 0.18mm.

"The Quadris concept concentrates turret-style and gantry placement capabilities into a far smaller footprint than discrete inline machines capable of comparable throughput," said, Prashant Vithlani, Product Manager, Universal Instruments. "Quadris-S now extends this performance-per-square-meter advantage by boosting throughput and supporting an even wider range of component sizes. This also simplifies scheduling of assemblies, and enhances line balancing and utilization because fewer large components must be placed further down the line."

Innovative technologies including direct drive, linear motion, linear sensor, and gang recognition have been packed into Quadris-S to enhance accuracy, repeatability, and placement time per component, delivering a concentrated throughput solution combining the advantages of gantry and turret machine technologies. Advanced motion and positioning enable versatile, high-precision component placement capabilities at high-speed.

Quadris-S also introduces new quality and productivity enhancement options including bad board reject, extended BGA/CSP options, and optional 610mm x 460mm large board handling. Other options include component library data teach, pattern program data teach, automatic component validation (ACV), and an offline feeder setup station. Quadris-S also comes with UCT-53 offline programming software, and runs on the Microsoft® Windows XP® operating system.

High-speed linear motors with 0.0048 micron resolution ensure fast, accurate x-y motion. Inter-axis correction control for the y-axis, combined with twin drives, ensure accuracy and repeatability. Each gantry has a compact, direct drive 12-spindle head featuring low weight and inertia, high resolution, high speed, and high reliability. This technology yields a theta resolution of 0.0027° and a z-height resolution of 1 micron. On-the-head linear CCD sensors provide automatic placement height optimization to maximize throughput and yield. The sensing system is capable of detecting missing and vertical components, and measuring component thickness, which is used to automatically adjust the height control.

Non-stop on-the-fly gang recognition of up to 12 components at high speed ensures continuous high throughput and enables synchronous control of all four x-y gantries. In addition, the unique Productivity Shift(TM) board transfer system included with Quadris-S centers the PCB between feeder banks for optimal balancing across the beams. Bank feeder change and splicing capabilities facilitate rapid replenishment and product changeovers.

The enhanced Quadris-S specification has been achieved within the same, compact footprint as the original Quadris; 2664mm x 2578mm, offering a high throughput solution that can be integrated quickly and easily into any production environment. The extensive features incorporated into Quadris-S deliver flexibility, high utilization and high productivity.

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