Pixelplus Unveils PO5030 VGA SoC Image Sensor with Optical Size of 1/10 Inch

SEOUL, South Korea, July 10 -- Pixelplus Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:PXPL), a fabless semiconductor company in Korea that designs, develops, and markets CMOS image sensors for various consumer electronics applications, today announced that the Company unveiled samples of its enhanced PO5030 VGA 'System-on-a-Chip' ("SoC") image sensor, which is one of the industry's smallest and most compact with an optical size of 1/10 inch based on 2.2 micron pixel size.

In the first quarter of 2007, the Company completed a co-development agreement with a leading Japanese module maker to jointly develop the PO5030 VGA SoC image sensor. Pixelplus has co-developed the PO5030 VGA SoC image sensor in response to the increasing demand for ultra compact camera modules embedded in mobile devices such as third generation ("3G") mobile phones with dual camera functionality. VGA SoC image sensors have been the most widely used CMOS image sensor in the mobile camera phone industry, primarily due to their size, image quality, and price.

The Company expects to furnish the PO5030 VGA SoC image sensor to module makers and mobile phone manufacturers starting in the first quarter of 2008.

"This positive new development reflects our continuing commitment to expand our global business operations through technology and innovation, and we will continue to aggressively pursue new opportunities and design wins, especially with world leading module makers and mobile phone companies," said Dr. S.K. Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Pixelplus. "Based on our co- development, we are pleased with the way things have progressed thus far, and look forward to our ongoing collaboration with the Japanese module maker and aim to continue to cultivate and fortify our business with them in the second half of 2007 and beyond."

About Pixelplus Co., Ltd.

Pixelplus is a South Korea-based developer of high-performance, high- resolution, and cost-effective CMOS image sensors for use primarily in mobile camera phones. In addition to mobile phones, Pixelplus provides CMOS image sensors and SoC solutions for use in webcams and notebook embedded cameras, toys and games, and security and surveillance system applications.

As a fabless semiconductor company, Pixelplus is focused on creating proprietary design technologies to develop CMOS image sensors with sharp, colorful and enhanced image quality, size efficiency, and low power consumption.

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