Pivot Mount adds flexibility to forklift applications.

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Able to manually angle broom, pivot mount attaches to most standard forklift tines. Suitable when sweeping long spans or excessive amounts of debris, unit clears paths for service vehicles and personnel, resulting in uniformly placed piles of debris. Broom angling is accomplished via 1 drop pin. Pivot mount works with all SweepEx Mega Series broom models. Mega-Series brooms are available in 48, 60, and 72 in. lengths. Extensions are also available.

Original Press Release:

SweepEx Pivot Mount Adds Flexibility to Forklift Applications

WARREN, Mich. - Increasing the flexibility of forklift applications, SweepEx, a division of TrynEx International, has introduced a new forklift pivot mount. Designed to angle the broom from side to side, the forklift pivot mount works with all SweepEx Mega Series broom models.

Ideal when sweeping long spans and/or excessive amounts of debris, the forklift pivot mount allows for manual angling of the broom to direct refuse to one side. Quickly clearing a path for other service vehicles and personnel, the resulting uniformly placed piles of debris are easier to handle and more efficient for disposal.

The forklift pivot mount attaches to most standard forklift tines, regardless of manufacturer or size. Broom angling is simplified with a single drop pin. Once the broom is adjusted to the desired angle, one drop pin locks the broom into place and it is ready for use.

SweepEx is a line of modular broom attachments that can mount to a wide variety of service vehicles. With no moving parts, SweepEx brooms are a simple, low maintenance solution for many cleanup applications. Mega-Series brooms are available in 48-inch, 60-inch and 72-inch lengths. Broom length extensions are available for all models.

In addition to the forklift pivot mount, other mounts available for the SweepEx Mega Series include a standard forklift, bucket-lip, three-point hitch (class 1-2), skid-steer pivot, gator pivot and a three-point pivot mount with optional hydraulic angle kit.

For more information regarding the forklift pivot mount or the complete line of SweepEx products, contact TrynEx International, 23455 Regency Park Drive, Warren, MI 48089, call 800-725-8377 or 586-756-6555, or fax 586-771-1084.

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