Piston Jack Pump suits refinery groundwater remediation.

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Suitable for low-flow, bottom intake recovery applications, Anchor® Pump 101E operates consistently, whether pumping action is clean or dirty. Its positive displacement action resists slowdown or stoppage in sticky and oily applications. Pump includes electric drive mechanism positioned at top of well. It removes water and product from well casings with diameters of 2 in. or greater to depths of 280 ft and 0 submergence depth. Pump capacity is 0-1.2 gpm.

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Blackhawk Announces Anchor® Pump 101E for Refinery Groundwater Remediation

Ideal for Low Flow Bottom Intake Recovery Applications

Glen Ellyn, IL - BLACKHAWK ENVIRONMENTAL COMPANY announces that their Anchor® Pump 101E, electrically operated positive displacement piston jack pump with a top head drive motor, has been used successfully for low flow bottom intake recovery at abandoned refinery sites.

For groundwater remediation at closed refinery sites, the Anchor Pump 101E's powerful suction pulls liquid into the pump with every stroke and draws liquid to the bottom of the well. The pump operates consistently whether pumping action is clean or dirty. The positive displacement action resists slowdown or stoppage in sticky and oily applications. The pump can be operated and communicated with from a remote location.

As the Anchor Pump 101E's electric drive mechanism is positioned at the top of the well, it can be easily viewed during operation and is not affected by environment of the well. In addition, electric lines are not introduced into the well. The pump is capable of removing water and product such as oil, solvent, leachate, and condensate, from a well casing of two (2) inch diameter or greater to depths of 280 feet. Since the fluid inlet is located at the bottom of the pump intake cylinder, it can remove water or product to 0 submergence depth. The Anchor Pump 101 E has a pump capacity of 0-1.2 gpm.

In addition to groundwater remediation, the Anchor Pump 101 E is ideal for a wide variety of pumping applications including landfill leachate pumping from vertical or sump wells, landfill leachate pumping from horizontal sump or well, landfill methane gas condensate sump dewatering, landfill methane gas well dewatering, groundwater recovery and tank and sump dewatering.

Blackhawk Environmental Co. provides pumping solutions for the environmental, landfill, groundwater and industrial markets. Blackhawk specializes in manufacturing quality pumps and controls for demanding pumping applications.

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