Piping System conforms to FM 4910 standard.

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Suited for 300 mm semiconductor manufacturing plants and applications in chemical and microelectronics markets, SYGEF® PVDF Exhaust Piping System enables safe conveyance of aggressive exhaust gases and fumes. It includes pipe sizes from 2-½ to 16 in., and various fittings, reducers, fixed flanges, gaskets, seals, and throttle valves. Other features include UV-resistance, operating temperature range from -4 to 284°F, and vacuum rating of 0.218 psi, 6 in. wc.

Original Press Release:

GF Piping's New Non-Corroding SYGEF® PVDF Exhaust Piping System Provides Safe Transport of Chemically Aggressive Gases and Fumes, and Meets FM4910 Standards

TUSTIN, Calif.- Feb.22, 2007 - Designed specifically to provide a non-corroding, safe system for the conveyance of aggressive exhaust gases and fumes, GF Piping has introduced the SYGEF® PVDF Exhaust Piping System. The new system conforms to FM 4910 (Cleanroom Materials Flammability Test Protocol) Standards and is suitable for the latest, state-of-the-art 300mm semiconductor manufacturing plants as well as applications in the chemical and microelectronics markets.

Constructed of non-metallic PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride), this material provides a highly inert, high-strength thermoplastic that will not corrode or rust, eliminating pipe deterioration issues caused from the transporting of corrosive exhaust media. The SYGEF® PVDF System also meets the stringent FM4910 standard and has been tested per standard ULC S102.2 with a documented flame spread value of 0 and smoke spread value of 50; allowing it to meet most applicable municipal building codes.

Available in a complete product range, the new system includes pipe sizes from 2-½" through 16" (75 mm - 400 mm) and a variety of fittings, reducers, fixed flanges, gaskets, seals and throttle valves. Outstanding performance characteristics include UV-resistance, a wide operating temperature range from -4°F to 284°F (-20°C to 140°C) and a vacuum rating of 0.015 bar (0.218 PSI), 6-inch water column.

A number of other excellent features combine to provide superior performance and long-lasting operation. SYGEF® PVDF's clear translucent color increases the potential for early detection of liquid build-up that similar metallic systems cannot provide. Its lightweight properties make it easy to install, resulting in a lower overall installation cost when compared to coated stainless steel. The SYGEF® PVDF Exhaust System can be pre-assembled to ensure proper layout and fit prior to final assembly.

"GF Piping's new SYGEF® Exhaust System provides an excellent alternative to coated metal systems," said Michael Beutler, GF Piping Product Manager. "Metallic exhaust systems are prone to attack by corrosive media and often require expensive linings to minimize that corrosion. SYGEF® meets the strict FM4910 testing standard while offering the advantages of a non-corroding, light-weight system at a competitive price."

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