Pipetting Head delivers precise liquid transfers.

Press Release Summary:

Multimek 96/384-Channel Automated Pipettor can be used for work in 384-well format. With capacity of 1 to 30 µL, head provides liquid transfers for automation of high-density assay formats and plate replication methods. Unit automatically loads 384 tips, eliminating manual steps and tip-loading errors. Disposable tip technology eliminates liquid carry-over and contamination.

Original Press Release:

384-Well Pipetting Head Expands Multimek(TM) Liquid Handling Platform

Beckman Coulter, Inc. announces a new 384-channel pipetting head for its Multimek liquid handler. The Multimek 96/384-Channel Automated Pipettor extends this time-tested, rugged platform to applications requiring work in the 384-well format. With capacity from 1 to 30 uL, the new head delivers precise liquid transfers for the automation of higher density assay formats and plate replication methods. The new pipettor uses positive displacement pipetting technology and highly precise, proprietary pipette tips developed by Beckman Coulter. The original Multimek 96 has a track record of reliability and accuracy, delivering longer run times with fewer breakdowns than other liquid handlers. That same reliability and precision are retained with this new functionality. The Multimek 96/384 automatically loads 384 tips, eliminating manual steps and tip loading errors that reduce accuracy. Beckman Coulter's patented disposable tip technology eliminates liquid carry-over and contamination and includes built-in quality control information. "Multimek is a well-established laboratory workhorse," comments Rob Donoho, Manager of Strategic Marketing for Beckman Coulter. "Thousands of Multimeks are operating in labs worldwide, many running around the clock, with few breakdowns." Beckman Coulter is a leading provider of instrument systems and complementary products that simplify and automate processes in life science and clinical laboratories. The company's products are used throughout the world in all phases of the battle against disease, from pioneering medical research and drug discovery to diagnostic testing that aids in patient treatment.

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