PipeMan Products, Inc. - Becomes a SpeedTaps(TM) Dealer

PipeMan Products, Inc. has become an approved distributor of the revolutionary SpeedTaps™ tapping solutions in standard and metric sizes.

Concord, CA – PipeMan Products, Inc. is proud to announce that it has become a distributor of the new SpeedTaps™ tapping solutions. When operated with impact wrenches, SpeedTaps™ out-tap traditional hand tap methods by 14 to 1 holes tapped.

Many have become tired of hand tapping because it takes too long. SpeedTaps™ is a vastly superior tapping solution that will improve the way you work. Driven by impact wrenches or traditional wrenches and sockets, SpeedTaps™ blasts through tasks that used to be tedious. With matching socket sizes to do up your bolts, increasing your efficiency on all your projects. Tapping will never be the same.

SpeedTaps™ have a full-size shaft that maximizes strength as well as ease of reversal of the tap. Its patent pending flared head design reduces tangential force maximizing torque transfer. They have a nitrate coating for longer life and a 6 thread taper for faster starts.

“Quick and easy to use and worked as promised - SpeedTaps undoubtedly made this project – without SpeedTaps we would have been on site for weeks not days”

Henry Beaver - Operator Director of Beaver Bridges

Workers enjoy using SpeedTaps™ because of its easy start geometry and being able to use the same wrench or socket to do up the bolts. SpeedTaps™ is the most versatile option for the non-skilled worker allowing for further cost savings, or allowing the professional to increase productivity.

SpeedTaps™ easily outperforms in tight spaces that would be too close for working with traditional tap wrenches giving users an advantage over old technology. SpeedTaps™ are available in Standard 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2” and Metric M6, M8 M10 and M12 sizes.

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Steve McCallister, National Sales Manager

Email: Steve@pipemanproducts.com

Web: www.PipeManProducts.com

Toll Free: 1-887-PIPEMAN (747-3626)

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