Pipe Purging System has heat-resistant design.

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Argweld® system enables fabricators to purge pipes in temperatures to 300°C for up to 24 hr to prevent coking and formation of notches. Comprised of 2 heavy-duty, inflatable dams connected via flexible argon gas pipe, system localizes volume to be purged and eliminates atmospheric gases. Entire system is covered in heat-resistant material, and spinal hose is covered with bonded pre-formed mineral wool. Models are available from 4 in. and up, with range ~12 mm.

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Pipe Purging System Feels the Heat - But Stays Cool

Argweld® heat resistant pipe purging systems from HFT (Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd) allow for the welding of high-temperature applications, or in high temperature conditions, providing a cost-efficient, time-saving tool for clean and reliable welds.

Argweld® Heat Resistant Pipe Purging Systems are designed for materials whose pipe joints and adjacent areas need to be pre-heated prior to and after welding in order to avoid cracking. Such materials (such as P91, a high-strength and lightweight chrome steel) are used in high-stress, high-pressure applications and must be purged throughout the welding process to prevent coking and the formation of notches. This system enables fabricators to purge pipes in temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius for up to 24 hours.

The Argweld Heat Resistant Pipe Purging System comprises two heavy-duty inflatable dams connected by a flexible argon gas pipe. The whole system is covered in heat resistant material, while the spinal hose is covered with bonded pre-formed mineral wool to British Standard specification. Models are available from 4" upward, with a range of 12mm approximately.

By localising the volume to be purged, fabricators benefit from decreased waiting time and shielding gas costs, while the effective elimination of atmospheric gases ensure smooth and even penetration beads on all pipe joints.

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