Pin Clamps target robotic assembly applications.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring vanadium carbide coating on pin for resistance to wear, Pin Clamps are suited for applications where 2 parts must be held together in alignment while assembly is performed. Power Lock cylinder is spring-actuated to close and air-driven to open. Load check mechanism with switch confirms panel is present on actuator, eliminating need for external sensing devices. Various configurations are available with bore sizes from 20-63 mm and pin diameters from 5.5-59.8 mm.

Original Press Release:

Humphrey Improves Standard Pin Clamp Design

Working with its Japanese partner, Koganei, Humphrey improved the standard pin clamp by applying a vanadium carbide coating to the pin for extra hardness and resistance to wear, and redesigning the Power Lock cylinder to provide more power and greater holding force. Pin clamps are used in a range of robotic assembly applications where two parts must be held together in alignment while an assembly process is performed. Currently, Humphrey pin clamps are being used by a major domestic automobile manufacturer and one of its suppliers to clamp inner and outer door panels together during robotic spot welding. Humphrey pin clamps can be designed for a range of applications, with sizes and pin designs to meet virtually any requirements.

The vanadium carbide coating on the pin provides extra hardness and wear resistance, plus it is less damaging to the parts and is less likely to break. The Power Lock cylinder is spring actuated to close and air driven to open. The air port for the clamp is internal to the actuator eliminating the need for an extra valve to release the lock. Using a spring actuated close function provides greater locking force as well as holding parts in the clamped position in the event of a power failure. A load check mechanism with a switch confirms the panel is present on the actuator. This eliminates the need for external sensing devices. Various sizes configurations available for stamping and assembly applications, with bore sizes from 20mm to 63mm and pin diameters from 5.5mm to 59.8mm

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