Pillar Induction Delivers 1250kW Melting System to Centrifugal Caster

Pillar Induction has commissioned a new 1250kW medium frequency induction melting installation at a leading centrifugal foundry in the Midwest United States.

The new installation consists of three medium frequency furnaces; one 4,000 lb. steel shell furnace, one 3,000 lb. steel frame furnace, and one 2,000 lb. steel frame furnace. The system is powered by a 1,250 kW Pillar MK17 power supply utilizing a manually controlled pneumatic switching system feeding all three furnaces.

A closed pressurized water cooling system was provided to cool the power supply and three furnaces. The water cooling system included a dual pump pumping station with automatic pump switchover and a DC battery back up system.

Pillar also provided the complete bus work and interconnection.

Pillar Induction is based in Brookfield, WI USA. More information can be found at www.pillar.com

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