Pillar Induction Delivers 11.8MW Heating System for Austenitizing Pipe

PipePillar Induction has commissioned a new 11.8 MW induction heating installation at a leading pipe producer in the southwest United States.

The new installation consists of a total of eighteen (18) induction heating coils providing progressive heating of 2.375" to 7" OD pipe with production up 35 metric tons/hr. The pipe is moved through the coils powered by a single pinch wheel drive and independent water cooled rollers between each coil. The coils are mounted on three (3) independent coils stands which can provide motorized, programmable height adjustment as required for the different pipe sizes. An infrared pyrometer is mounted at the exit of each set of coils providing feedback on the in-process pipe temperature.

Each set of six (6) coils is powered by a MK17 SCR power supply (2- 4400kW & 1- 3000kW)
with capacitor auto-switching to maintain high input power factor. The system was provided with a plant level filter network system to reduce harmonic distortion.

Operational control is provided by an Allen Bradley PLC connected to a central mill control system with a remote interface located near the operators.

A closed pressurized water cooling system was provided to cool the three power supplies and eighteen coils. The water cooling system included a dual pump, pumping station.

Pillar provided the complete induction heating and material handling system including the water cooled power leads, bus work, and all interconnection.

Pillar Induction is based in Brookfield, WI USA. More information can be found at www.pillar.com

Founded in 1966, Pillar Induction is committed to providing total induction solutions in the melting, tube & pipe, heating, forging, heat treating and crystal growing markets. Pillar is committed to helping its customers achieve leaner, more profitable manufacturing, and continues to add products and engineered solutions for an integrated approach to manufacturing efficiency. Pillar Induction is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. For more information, please contact Pillar Induction at 21905 Gateway Road, Brookfield, WI 53045. Phone: 262-317-5300; Fax: 262-317-5394. On the Web: www.pillar.com. E-mail: sales@pillar.com.


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