PIKA Launches Asterisk Enhancements, Opens Web Store

PIKA Connect for Asterisk adds support for PrimeNet T1/E1 Gateway Board

Ottawa, Canada - January 25, 2007 - PIKA Technologies Inc., a designer and manufacturer of plug-in media processing hardware and software building blocks that provide network connectivity and superior echo cancellation, announced today the release of a new version of its PIKA Connect for Asterisk software package. Among the improvements and new features it contains, this release allows Asterisk users to take advantage of the DSP-quality software-based echo cancellation offered by PIKA's PrimeNet T1/E1 Gateway board and PIKA Connect for Asterisk software. With 20 years experience in the board market, PIKA has evolved many of its TDM interface cards to fully integrate into the Asterisk open source PBX platform to provide the most reliable choice for Asterisk applications.

The PrimeNet T1/E1 Gateway board was first released to the market in the spring of 2006. Providing support for up to four T1/E1 spans, this 5.3-inch PCI card was specially designed and optimized to work with PIKA's patent-pending AllOnHost media processing software technology. The number of spans the board supports is field upgradeable; if a single span board is initially purchased, it can be expanded to a dual, triple or quad with the simple purchase of a software license. Installation is as simple as downloading and installing the PIKA channel driver for Asterisk with the AllOnHost media processing software and plugging in the board. A PCIe version of this card, offering the same features and benefits, will be available later this year.

PIKA Connect for Asterisk is a channel driver distributed under the GNU Public License. PIKA's prior version provided Asterisk interoperability with its high-density, four- to 24-port analog boards and low density, one- to four-port analog boards, as well as with Skype. This new version adds interoperability with PIKA's new T1/E1 Digital Gateway board, thus offering a full line of network connectivity options to Asterisk developers and end users around the world.

"The Asterisk development community continues to benefit from advanced features like reliable fax and DSP-quality echo cancellation in both analog and digital applications, made possible by PIKA's advanced media processing technology," said Terry Atwood, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Care at PIKA. "Finally, the Asterisk community has a cost-effective answer when customers and users demand traditionally high levels of voice and fax quality and reliability."

Asterisk users can now shop online for PIKA hardware

PIKA also opened its new e-commerce web store today. Available through the company's main site at www.pikatechnologies.com, the store gives Asterisk developers and end users a fast, easy method to procure the hardware they require. PIKA's analog and digital boards for Asterisk are available through the store. PIKA Connect for Skype, an Asterisk plug-in that allows incoming Skype calls to be handled by an Asterisk system in the same manner as calls received from the traditional telephone network, is also available.

About PIKA Technologies

PIKA Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of plug-in media processing hardware and software building blocks that connect computer systems to TDM, IP and IM-based networks to provide advanced voice and fax services. Brand-name companies design groundbreaking IVR, call center, custom PC/IP PBX, fax and logging solutions using PIKA Technologies' components. For two decades, PIKA Technologies has provided its customers with flexible, robust solutions for media processing. The company has been routinely lauded for its customer service and has placed in the Branham 300, an authoritative ranking of successful Canadian high tech firms, for five consecutive years. For more information about PIKA, please visit www.pikatechnologies.com

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