PIKA Enhances Fax Capabilities with V.34 Fax Modem Technology

Enhanced solution delivers significant savings in time, money for large organizations that rely on faxing for key business communications

OTTAWA, March 10 /-- PIKA Technologies Inc., a developer of media-processing hardware and software, has enhanced its T.30 fax solution for its HMP platform by adding high-speed V.34 fax modem technology, which dramatically increases transmission speeds and reduces costs when sending large numbers of faxes.

V.34 is an international fax standard that allows for fax transmission and reception speeds of up to 33.6 kilobits per second (Kbps) and cuts the time it takes to establish handshake. Compared to older standards such as V.17, faxes can be transmitted at least twice as fast. The handshake period is cut by a third, reducing call-setup and session-management times. When multiplied across thousands of faxes, these seconds saved from each transmission, thanks to V.34, can add up to significant savings in time and phone costs.

PIKA's developer customers use fax in numerous telephony applications such as IVRs, fax blasting, fax on demand and also as a feature within IP-PBXs and Unified Communications platforms. PIKA offers fax to its traditional Computer Telephony Developers in both DSP and HMP board environments, as well as in software-only voice applications using IP only.

For open-source developers of custom telecommunications solutions, this enhancement makes PIKA's T.30 fax the ideal option for providing their customers with a faster, more reliable and cost-effective solution for faxing. This fax capability is available to developers using both PIKA's high- and low-level application programming interfaces (APIs).

"With the V.34 standard becoming more commonplace, PIKA realized the importance of adding this enhancement to our existing fax solution," said Terry Atwood, PIKA's vice president of sales, marketing and customer care. "Developers who work with PIKA have already realized the benefits of being able to provide a faster and more cost-effective solution for large enterprises that rely on faxed communications."

For more information on PIKA's faxing solutions, visit http://www.pikatech.com/fax.

About PIKA Technologies

PIKA Technologies for over 21 years has been providing developers with the tools they need to build advanced voice and fax applications like IP PBX, fax broadcast and self-service IVR. As the technology landscape has changed, so too has PIKA, building out its product offering so its customers can choose the right tool set for their applications. Whether building applications using board-based media processing or using host-based solutions, application developers of all kinds turn to PIKA for their development tools.

In addition to its traditional line of hardware and software solutions, PIKA now offers a family of appliances that provide top-quality performance out of the box. PIKA sells these products directly and also makes them available through its growing network of resellers and distributors. Known for its exceptional customer service, PIKA's customers can expect the same high level of personalized, fast and free support that the company has always delivered. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, the company has ranked in The Branham 300, an authoritative ranking of successful Canadian high tech firms, for six consecutive years. Visit www.pikatechnologies.com or call +1-613-591-1555 for more information.

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