Pigment Dispersions utilize IR reflective technology.

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Spartacryl PM(TM) 60 Series, AldeSol(TM) Solvent 70 Series, Colormatch® 50-990 Series, Colormatch® DR Series, and Colormatch® AD Series are available as infrared (IR) reflective pigment dispersions that keep surfaces cool by helping reflect wavelengths in IR region to optimize Total Solar Reflectance (TSR). Additives are suited for applications that require surfaces to stay cool and withstand outdoor elements, such as roofing, decking, and automotive exteriors.

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Plasticolors' Infrared Reflective Technology Weathers the Elements

Ashtabula, Ohio - January 23, 2006 - Plasticolors, Inc., a custom colorant and chemical dispersions manufacturer for the thermoset plastics and paint and coatings industries, offers Infrared (IR) Reflective pigment dispersions to optimize Total Solar Reflectance (TSR). These specially engineered additives are ideal for paint and coatings applications that require surfaces to stay cool and weather the elements, such as roofing, buildings, automotive exteriors and exterior decking.

Plasticolors' IR technology keeps surfaces cool by fortifying paint and coatings with engineered formulations that reflect wavelengths in the IR region. These long wavelengths are invisible to the eye yet contain 52 percent of the solar energy produced by the sun. Keeping surfaces cool not only lowers cooling costs and energy, but increases the life of the substrate by protecting it from damage caused by the heat of the sun.

"Proper dispersion of IR pigments is critical to optimizing IR energy reflectance. Likewise, contamination from other IR absorbing pigments must be avoided. This manufacturing control is paramount to the success of the coating," said Liz Campbell, product development manager. "Our chemists and technical support staff are ready to work with our customers to identify target solar reflectance needs and design the best solution for the application, often times this includes a custom color match."

This technology can be integrated into currently available product lines, such as:

Spartacryl PM(TM) 60 Series - A series of universal pigment dispersions that consist of industrial-quality organic and inorganic pigments finely milled in an acrylic carrier resin and solvated in PMA to offer high pigment solids and superior compatibility with a number of solvent-based chemistries, including acrylic, urethane, epoxy, polyester, alkyds of all oil lengths, nitrocellulose, vinyl and hybrid systems. Applications include concrete protection, industrial maintenance coatings, and wood coatings, including wood stain and sealers.

AldeSol(TM) Solvent 70 Series - Solvent-based pigment dispersions based on a widely compatible aldehyde resin and methoxypropyl acetate solvent that offer high pigment loading for excellent color control and economy-of-use. Ideal applications include concrete protection, industrial maintenance coatings, and wood coatings, including wood stain and sealers.

Colormatch® 50-990 Series - Water-based pigment dispersions that consist of pigments finely milled in a blend of water, additives and a unique zero volatile organic compound (VOC) binder - promoting worker safety. This binder also provides wide-range compatibility with a number of water-based chemistries, including acrylic, latex, water-based epoxy, water-borne urethane and hybrid systems. Ideal applications include automotive paints, concrete protection and industrial maintenance.

Colormatch® DR Series - Pigment dispersions for urethane applications consist of organic and inorganic pigments milled in 100 percent solids polyol resins and other compatible vehicles. These resin vehicles are compatible with a wide range of solvent borne and two component urethane systems.

Colormatch® AD Series - Pigment dispersions for polyurea coatings applications consist of organic and inorganic colorants dispersed in an amine carrier. The carrier vehicle has been chosen for its excellent compatibility with polyurea coatings systems and is miscible in a wide variety of solvents.

This technology supports roof coating initiatives to meet the EPA's Energy Star qualification program, Title 24 in California, and other Southern and Western state initiatives and legislation.

Plasticolors recently launched its redesigned Web site; please visit www.plasticolors.com for more information or call 440.997.5137. Visit the "Ask the Chemist" link on the Web site to have your technical questions answered by one of Plasticolors' custom colorant and pigment dispersions experts.

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