PICOe-GM45A Half-Size PCI Express Single Board Computer

02/04/2009 - The PICOe-GM45A is a high performance, low power, Half-Size PCI Express Single Board Computer. The SBC uses the Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset which features hardware based decoding for Blu-ray content and great 3D graphics performance. The SBC supports Socket P, Core 2 Duo processors with maximum Front Side Bus speed of 1066MHz. It has two 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM DIMM sockets for a system max of 4GB at 800MHz. There are four PCIe x1 and four PCI lanes interfaced from the Intel® ICH9M to edge connectors on the bottom of the PICOe-GM45A thereby facilitating PCIe and PCI expansion on the backplane.

The PICOe-GM45A half-size CPU card is an ideal platform for high I/O throughput industrial computing applications that require high-performance, flexible expansion options, low power usage in a smaller footprint. However the support for multiple displays, combined with the high-performance, low-power 45nm Core 2 Duo processor, and the compatibility with a wide range of motion detection cards makes the PICOe-GM45A ideal for machine vision applications. HD audio support also makes the PICOe-GM45A suitable for high-end multi-media applications where the video and audio outputs are both critical performance parameters.

ICP America offers ready-made PICOe backplanes and chassis', plus we partner with IEI to assist integrators and developers in designing their own systems from scratch. We can customize the SBC, the backplane, and chassis or develop new ones according to the specific needs of the embedded application.

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