Picking Solution works with manual and automated systems.

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SK Pick and Pass System uses conveyor system where order totes are released from pick cell when order lines in that cell are completed. As tote moves toward next picking area, order is automatically read and AS/RS or carousel in next cell is activated to bring needed inventory to picker, which then places items in tote. Order is then conveyed to next picking zone. Pick and Pass method integrates automated technologies and manual shelf picking.

Original Press Release:

SK Daifuku Puts a New Spin on a Proven Process with New Patent

The SK Pick and Pass System Integrates with Carousels, AS/RS, Flow Rack Pick-to-Light and Manual Shelf Picking

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - SK Daifuku's revolutionary new patented SK Dynamic Pick and Pass process is the more productive alternative to expensive, slower batch picking. Both cost-effective and faster than traditional batch picking systems, this patented process is just the key to distribution operations that fill a high number of different size orders.

Traditional pick systems batch eight or more order totes and route them through warehouse picking zones before going on to manifest and shipping. This type of system has been around for a long time, but not without some key problems. The conveyor must be large, with a highly automated inbound and outbound queuing conveyor that links each pick cell. Another issue with the traditional picking process is that the orders can only be filled as fast as the slowest order in the batch. This results in uneven picking activity and lost time while the completed batch moves out and the new batch moves into the pick zone. SK Daifuku has now updated the process to make it more efficient and affordable for any size and type of operation.

This new picking process uses a very simple conveyor system. Order totes are released from a pick cell when the order lines in that cell are completed. As a tote moves toward the next picking area, the order is automatically read and the AS/RS or carousel in the next cell is activated to bring the needed inventory to the picker. The picker then places the items in the tote and the order is then conveyed to the next picking zone.

"The new Dynamic Pick and Pass method successfully integrates automated technologies such as mini load AS/RS, carousels and flow rack pick-to-light while maintaining the high-speed picking necessary to keep orders moving out the door," says SK Daifuku's Lamar Leishman, inventor of the patent pending process. "Keeping touches by pickers to a minimum and reducing the need for queuing space saves time, money and maintains accuracy."

With fewer containers in each picking zone, accuracy is improved and cost is reduced. This picking process can easily be integrated with conventional shelf picking as well as automated picking stations. Order fulfillment time is reduced and floor space is saved without the need of a large recirculation conveyor. The Pick and Pass method is ideal for operations that fulfill many different sizes of orders that are made up of many SKUs and especially where a portion of the orders have a small number of picks.

Other features of this patent pending process include:
o Easy routing of orders to shipping once order picking is complete.
o Phasing in future expansion and technologies such as pick-to-light and mini load AS/RS.
o Picking more than 200 line items per hour per operator, even in smaller operations.
o Order pick cycle time is reduced - in many cases to less than 20 minutes.

For more information, contact SK Daifuku Corporation, 5202 Douglas Corrigan Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116. Phone: 801-359-9900; FAX: 801-359-9911; Email: info@skdaifuku.com. Information on SK Daifuku products and services via the Internet is available at SK Daifuku's Web site, skdaifuku.com.

SK Daifuku Corporation, a Daifuku Company, designs, sells, installs, and supports a complete line of world-class logistics systems for material handling in factory, distribution, and cleanroom environments. SK Daifuku's full range of products includes conveyors, sortation systems, transport vehicles, order-picking systems, storage buffers, and real-time warehouse management software (WMS) for automated, semi-automated, and manual factory/distribution operations. For cleanroom applications, SK Daifuku offers a variety of stockers, lifters, and interbay/intrabay transport systems for 200mm and advanced 300mm wafer fabs, along with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Flat Panel Display (FPD) and other cleanroom applications. SK Daifuku is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with regional offices and factory representatives located throughout the United States.


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