Phottix and OmegaBrandess are Proud to Announce the Phottix Ares Flash Trigger - A Simple Way to Use an Off-Camera Flash

The 8-channel transmitter and receiver units have a range of 200m and feature a "fire-all" channel function. Without advanced bells or whistles, this simple, reliable and affordable radio flash trigger is engineered with Phottix durability and quality.

The Phottix Ares is unique because of the rotating transmitter (patents pending). The Ares accommodates how photographers want to work; with the transmitter upright for fast channel changes or locked in the low-profile down position.

The Phottix Ares 2.4GHz signals have a range of 200m, offering freedom from line-of-sight restrictions and a fast maximum sync speed of 1/250s. The eight digital channels are fast and easy to set with the push of a button.

The Fire-All function allows photographers to fire all flashes or strobes on Phottix Ares when the receivers are set to different channels this is very useful when using multiple lights during an event or wedding.

With a hot shoe and 3.5mm sync port the Phottix Ares can be used to trigger hot shoe flashes and studio lights. Cables and adapters are included. Packed in a stylish carrying bag, the Ares uses readily available AA batteries. Both transmitter and receiver also have a 5V DC power port and can be plugged into power points when used in a studio.

Technical Specifications:

Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Range: 200m +

Channel: 8 channels and Fire All Function

Power: 2 x AA batteries (Transmitter and Receiver), 5V DC (Receiver)

Max sync speed: 1/250 sec* (* On compatible cameras/flashes)

Antenna: internal antenna

Working Temperature: 0+40C

Working Humidity: 35-95 RH

Input Voltage: 2.2-3.2V

Current: Maximum Working Current: 45mA, Standby Current: 7mA

(Single channel), 27mA (all channels),

Off Current Info: 0mA

Dimensions: 104mmx50mmx35mm

Weight: With batteries: 108g, without batteries: 61g


Input Voltage: 2.2-3.2V (DC Input Voltage: 5V)

Current: Maximum Working Current 26mA,

Standby Current 15mA, O Current Info: 0mA

Ports: 3.5mm sync port, hot shoe output

Dimensions: 88mmx50mmx40mm

Weight: With batteries: 108g, without batteries: 61g

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