Photon Counter works at speeds up to 500 MHz.

Press Release Summary:

Dual precision PRM-400 Ratemeter/Photon Counter accepts TTL, NIM and ECL inputs, produces bar graph display on LCD, and has parallel, serial and GPIB interfaces. It counts every pulse without prescaling, has 10 µsec time base, and uses dual counter for background subtraction. Dual alternating counters provide zero dead time. It has large FIFO data storage and 40-bit deep counters. Applications include surface analysis and spectrometry.

Original Press Release:

Model PRM - 400 Dual Precision Counter/Timer Rate-Meter

Advanced Research Instruments Corp. Introducing New, The Ultimate in Photon Counting and The Fastest Photon Counter available on the market:

"Dual Precision Ratemeter/Photon Counter PRM-400."
* Fast Counter/Timer Ratemeter (500MHz)
* Counting Every Pulse. No prescaling!
* 10 us Shortest Time Base
* Dual Counter for Background Subtraction
* Large FIFO data storage
* Zero Dead Time (Alternating Counters)
* Large 40 Bit deep Counters
* Gated Inputs
* Accepts Standard TTL, NIM, ECL Inputs
* Digital/Bar Graph Intelligent LCD Display
* Parallel, Serial, GPIB Computer Interface
* Easy Computer Interfacing. No Plug-in Boards!
* Versatile. Easy to use
* Analog Output.

o Photon Counting
* Spectroscopy (ion, mass, electron, light)
* Surface Analysis

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