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Photometer 8000 offers rapid start up, fast blanking and reading, and optics system with automatic wavelength selection and test recognition. Backlit touch-screen display provides menu-driven user interface, while on-screen prompts guide users through measurement and test procedures, eliminating need to use handbook. Up to 1,000 test results can be logged with record of time, date, and sample number, which can then be downloaded to computer database or printer.

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Palintest Launches Easy to Use, Advanced Specification Photometer

Erlanger, KY: Water analysis specialist Palintest has introduced a new photometer, the Photometer 8000, which delivers rapid, accurate results and is easy to use. It offers advanced performance with a fully featured specification, has user calibration capability, and can be used for analysis in all industrial processes requiring water.

The photometer offers a rapid start up, and fast blanking and reading. A large, backlit touch-screen display provides an intuitive menu-driven user interface which is designed to make reference to the handbook unnecessary. On-screen prompts are available to guide the user through all the measurement and test procedures, and health and safety information on the Palintest reagents used is built in to the user software.

Up to 1000 test results can be logged with a record of the time, date and sample number. This can be downloaded to a computer database (or printer) so that trends in water composition can be monitored and routine quality assurance reports can be produced. The unit can be operated with a computer should this be desired, and is easily upgradeable, offering software upgrades via disk or e-mail.

The Photometer 8000 offers quick, accurate results through an enhanced optical design. The Palintest system uses light to measure color changes in water samples treated with Palintest test reagents. A particular feature of the 8000 is the automatic wavelength selection and test recognition via a unique optics system using precision lenses to focus the light source and a reference reading to provide optical compensation for imperfections in reagent tubes.

Clean water tests use foil-packed tablet reagents that avoid the risk of dust inhalation and dosing errors. Wastewater tests for pollutants employ the Tubetests® system where liquid reagents are supplied pre-measured in disposable test tubes. The unit offers direct reading and test recognition of Palintest Tubetests® reagents, and has an automatic multisize cell holder which accepts 13mm-20mm tubes without the need for an adapter.

The unit is rugged and impact resistant. In addition to the standard wall supply operation, it can operate via 1.5V AA batteries for up to 20 hours' continuous use, offering true field portability.

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May 2003

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