Photoelectric Sensors are designed for small area sensing.

Press Release Summary:

T8 Series ultra-miniature 10 to 30 Vdc photoelectric sensors are 0.64 in. in diameter and offer sensing ranges of 79 in. in opposed mode and either 2 in. or 4 in. in diffuse sensing mode. Users can choose NPN (sinking) or PNP (sourcing) outputs, capable of switching up to 50 mA load. Sensors feature ABS sealed housing as well as protective circuitry for reverse-polarity and transient voltages, short circuits and false pulse on power-up.

Original Press Release:

Ultra-Miniature Sensors Are Smaller Than A Dime Yet Offer Extremely Long 79-Inch Range

Minneapolis, MN-October 30, 2001-Banner Engineering has announced T8 Series ultra-miniature self-contained photoelectric sensors that are only 16.3 mm (0.64") in diameter (smaller in diameter than a U.S. dime). Despite their small size, 10 to 30V dc T8 sensors offer exceptionally long sensing ranges of 2 m (79") in the opposed mode and either 50 mm (2") or 100 mm (4") in the diffuse sensing mode, depending on the model selected. This range is many times greater than that of the typical 8 mm diameter inductive sensor. And their tiny size also makes them a low-cost altemative to diffuse (bifurcated) fiber optic sensors. List prices start at $68.

As the newest members of the Banner EZ-BEAM® family of sensors, T8 Series sensors require absolutely no adjustments to operate. These visible-beam miniature sensors are designed for precision sensing in small areas previously accessible only to remote sensors and fiber optic cable. Typical applications include mounting on compact conveyors, packaging machines, circuit board and semi-conductor wafer handling equipment, document handling equipment, robot end-efectors, feeder bowls, between the rollers of narrow conveyors, and as replacements for damaged small diameter inductive proximity sensors. They are also an excellent choice for in-die and on-die sensing applications including press performance monitoring, feed detection, feeding fault detection, material positioning, part out verification, slug stacking, die protection, quality validation (error proofing), transfer press finger sensing, positioning, and nesting of parts.

T8 sensors also feature versatile outputs. Users can choose either a NPN (sinking) or PNP (sourcing) outputs, capable of switching up to a 50 mA load. They can also choose models for
either light operate (N.O.) or dark operate (N.C.). A red LED indicates "LIGHT SENSED." These sensors, despite their tiny size, feature a rugged ABS sealed housing that stands up to
tough applications. The housing is leakproof, and meets the IP67 and NEMA 6 standards for harsh environments. Integral protective circuitry guards the sensors against reverse-polarity and transient voltages, short circuits and false pulse on power-up. Users can choose models with an integral, 2 or 9 meter (6.5' or 30') prewired cable or 150 mm (6") "pigtail" pico-style, quick disconnect cable.

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