Photocontrol incorporates radio monitoring of atomic clock.

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Offered as integrated twist-lock photocontrol, PhotoClock® also incorporates radio receiver for continual synchronization with national atomic clock (NIST). This achieves precise time of day control for outdoor lighting while also providing turn-on at dusk and turn-off at dawn functionality. Solution addresses directives that concern areas of conserving energy, minimizing light pollution/trespass, and maintaining nighttime safety.

Original Press Release:

The Ripley Photoclock® Eliminates the Need for Expensive, Unreliable, Hard-Wired Time Clocks

Ripley PhotoClock®, a new smart photocontrol incorporates radio monitoring of atomic clock to address lighting curfews and energy conservation for outdoor lighting. The Ripley PhotoClock® eliminates the need for expensive, unreliable, hard-wired time clocks.

The Ripley PhotoClock® continually synchronizes with the national atomic clock to achieve extremely precise time of day control for outdoor lighting. The Photoclock is designed to address new directives pertaining to lighting curfews, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) initiatives, the Federal Energy Act, and California Title 24.

The Ripley PhotoClock® is an all-in-one, integrated twist-lock photocontrol, incorporating a radio receiver that continuously synchronizes to the National Atomic Clock (NIST) to achieve extremely accurate time of day control, while providing the normal turn-on at dusk and turn-off at dawn functionality of a conventional twist-lock photocontrol. Simple user settings include: time zone selection, daylight savings time observance, Turn-Off Time for lighting curfew, and Back-On Time for early morning lighting operation if desired.

New directives pertaining to Lighting Curfews, The Federal Energy Act, California Title 24 and The Dark Sky initiatives, are requiring manufacturers to rethink and implement lighting controls that conserve energy, minimize light pollution and light trespass, and maintain nighttime safety. The innovative design of Ripley's PhotoClock® simplifies compliance with these regulations and ordinances. Designed around the industry-standard twist-lock base of conventional photocontrols, the Ripley PhotoClock® offers an ideal easy replacement for most standard photocontrols, without any additional wiring or components.

The Ripley PhotoClock® completely eliminates the need for separate astronomical clocks to control outdoor lighting. Therefore, the wiring, manual resets due to power failures, daylight savings time manual adjustments, and timing inaccuracies associated with traditional astronomical clocks, are no longer a factor.

In the past, problems with tolerance levels and timing inaccuracy prevented the lighting industry from fully complying with lighting curfews. The Ripley PhotoClock® offers a uniquely simple, yet highly accurate, and economical solution.

Ripley Lighting Controls has been a leader in the lighting control industry for over 70 years. Headquartered in West Columbia, South Carolina, Ripley Lighting Controls manufactures a complete line of lighting control products, and continues to introduce innovative solutions with rock-solid performance.

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