Photo Sciences Develops a Unique Approach to Manufacturing Custom Digital Gray Scales

Photo Sciences, Inc. of Torrance, California has developed a unique approach to manufacturing custom digital gray scales using sophisticated micro-lithography techniques typically used to produce photomasks for the semiconductor industry.
The custom digital gray scales produced by Photo Sciences are on glass or quartz plates with microscopic images etched into a chrome coating on one surface of the plate. The microscopic images consist of major pixels and sub-pixels (minor pixels) wherein the ratio of dark pixels to transmissive pixels determines the level of gray as light passes through the scale.

Photo Sciences has created proprietary software which creates the pixels and sub-pixels utilizing random dither, patterned dither and half-tone. The patterns can be created with extreme accuracy and the gray scale levels precisely controlled from region to region.

Photo Sciences proprietary process produces gray levels from 256 to 1024 with equivalent DPI's up to 2600 and actual DPI's up to 42,000.

About Photo Sciences

Photo Sciences Specializes in a complete range of commercial photomasks, chemical milling and micro patterning solutions with optional substrate coating using color polymers and Indium Tin Oxide. Founded in 1972 Photo Sciences Inc services all major industry sectors such as Defense, Medical, Automotive, Electronics, and telecommunications. Photomasks are used in wide range of semi conductor, custom, and nano scale applications such as near permanent projection graphics, glass motion control components, microscope/eye piece reticles, focusing tools, calibration instruments, deposition & evaporation masks, and light & fluid apertures.

The company is ISO 9001: 2000 certified, RoHS and WEEE compliant.

For more information, please Contact Wayne Henry at 310-634-1538 or go to

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