Phosphine Monitor provides maintenance-free operation.

Press Release Summary:

MicroPac Plus compact gas measuring and warning device detects Phosphine in concentrations from 0-20.0 ppm. Low-profile design allows unit to be worn on lapel, shirt pocket, or belt to warn of presence of hazardous gas concentrations. Features include LCD concentration display, with audible, visual, and vibrating alarms, and RFI-protected housing. Monitor is suited for chemical, semi-conductor, and agricultural industries.

Original Press Release:

Draeger Introduces the Draeger MicroPac Plus Phosphine Monitor

September 22, 2003 - - Pittsburgh, PA - - Draeger Safety, Inc., located in Pittsburgh, PA, introduces the new Draeger MicroPac Plus an ultra-compact gas measuring and warning device for Phosphine in the 0-20.0 parts per million range. This two-year maintenance-free instrument features a fully functional LCD concentration display with audible, visual, and vibrating alarms.

The lightweight, low-profile design allows the MicroPac to be worn on the lapel, shirt pocket, or belt of those who require a warning of the presence of hazardous gas concentrations. The rugged, RFI protected housing guards against the environment and the attention-getting alarms immediately notify the user of a potential gas hazard.

The MicroPac Plus Phosphine Monitor is ideal for monitoring worker exposure in the chemical, semi-conductor, and agricultural industries providing two-years of worry free monitoring without the need for calibration or battery replacement.

Draeger Safety, Incorporated in Pittsburgh, PA is part of the Draegerwerk, AG group of companies servicing the Safety, Medical, Aerospace, Diving and Computer Information Systems markets. Located in Luebeck, Germany, Draegerwerk, AG employs more than 8,500 people worldwide and has production, sales and distribution facilities located in over 100 countries.

Draeger Safety, Incorporated US headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Pittsburgh, PA and employ approximately 200 people. Established in 1976, Draeger Safety, Inc. is the largest of Draegerwerk AG's subsidiaries worldwide concentrating in the areas of Gas Detection, Respiratory Protection, Diving and Service. Draeger Safety maintains satellite sales offices, in Houston, TX; Durango, CO; Los Angeles, CA; and Mexico City. Wesley J. Kenneweg serves as president and CEO and has been with the Draeger organization since 1983.

Principal Product Lines include:

-Electronic gas detection measuring and monitoring instruments and systems

-Self-contained breathing apparatus

-Disposable, half-mask and full-face mask filters

-Electro-chemical and infrared sensor engineering and manufacturing

-Draeger Tubes and Draeger CMS spot measurement gas & vapor sampling

-Underwater semi-closed circuit rebreathers

-Filter and oxygen generating self-rescuers

-Emergency escape breathing apparatus

-Supplied air respirators and systems

-Breathalyzer Products

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