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Able to support voice, fax, and data needs from single base station, DUALjack expands existing telephone capabilities without adding cables. Plug-and-play system uses 2.4 GHz digital radio link between base and up to 4 extension units. Unaffected by power line noise, DUALjack works between floors and walls, offering range of 150 indoors and 1,000 ft outdoors. It supports caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, conference calling, and speed dialing.

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RTX Launches DUALjack - First True Wireless Voice, Fax and Data Extension Solution for the Home

True Wireless Telephone Line Extender Marks an End to Messy Cabling for Extra Phone Line, Office Fax or TiVo service

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 15 /-- RTX, a world leader in wireless product development, today announced the DUALjack, the first true wireless phone extender with the ability to support an entire home's voice and data needs from a single base station. Whether hooking up an extra phone line, office fax or TiVo(R) service, the DUALjack provides the easiest way to expand your existing telephone capabilities without adding messy cables or waiting for telephone company service calls.

The energy efficient DUALjack is easy to install-simply plug a phone line into the base station and plug the base station into an electric socket. Place a DUALjack extension unit anywhere throughout a house, even on different floors, plug it into an electric socket, then plug a telephone (or fax, modem, TiVo, etc.) into it. The DUALjack supports up to four extension units allowing for any combination of phone, data and fax lines to be easily added throughout a home.

The DUALjack is the only true wireless extension solution on the market, using a 2.4GHz digital radio link between the base and extension units. Unlike other products that use home electrical lines for data and voice transmission, the DUALjack's performance is not affected by power line noise caused by items such as hair dryers and light dimmers. In addition the DUALjack achieves much higher data throughput performance than power line carrier solutions, is more energy efficient, and is optimized to carry both voice and data with a single unit.

The RTX DUALjack is a perfect solution for TiVo, Pay-per-view and satellite owners who need to hook their set top boxes to a phone line for scheduling and update information. The DUALjack is also compatible with cordless and corded phones, answering machines, fax machines, PC modems, digital video recorders and VoIP Adapters

"The DUALjack employs RTX's proven wireless technology to create a high- performance option for customers who need to add a phone line anywhere in their home," said Curt Schmidek, president of RTX America. "And because the DUALjack supports two operating modes, a single base unit can support voice applications such as phone or answering machine, and also support data applications such as fax, DVR, or PC modem.

RTX DUALjack Features:
-- 2.4GHz Wireless Radio Link
-- Plug-and-play - no tools or drilling needed
-- Works throughout a house, even between floors and walls
-- One Base unit supports four extensions
-- DUAL-mode switch to support voice or modem/data
-- Secure, private voice and data communications
-- Intercom between extension units
-- Supports: caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, conference calling and speed dialing
-- Energy efficient design
-- Range: Indoor 150 feet/Outdoor 1000 feet

Pricing and Availability
The RTX DUALjack is available immediately at MicroCenter, RCS Computer Experience and other select retailers as well as on-line at Suggested retail price for the DUALjack is US$89.99. For more information please visit .

About RTX America, Inc.
RTX America, Inc. is a 100% owned subsidiary of RTX Telecom A/S, an internationally oriented group which develops and markets advanced high-tech solutions and products such as the DUALphone, Wireless Local Loop (WLL), Bluetooth(TM) headsets and M2M products. RTX's goal is to be the customers' preferred supplier of advanced solutions within wireless technology, including in particular DECT, DCT 2.4GHz, Bluetooth(TM), GSM/GPRS, TD-SCDMA and WLAN. For the fiscal year 2004/05, RTX Telecom A/S reported revenues of over US$50 million, and the Group currently employs 250 people. For further information on RTX Telecom A/S, please visit .

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