Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator offers HDTV resolution.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring GUI that lets user adapt modulation performance to actual task and laser wave length, HEO 1080 P is based on reflective LCoS microdisplay with full WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). All optical phase functions are addressed by DVI graphics card, pixel pitch is 8.0 µm, and image refresh frame rate is 60 Hz. Due to ECB display mode, phase panels provide pure phase shift of 2 Pi up to 1064 nm. Available panel versions are optimized for 420-810 nm or 800-1,100 nm.

Original Press Release:

HOLOEYE Introduces New Phase Only Spatial Light Modulator

Berlin / Laguna Hills - Mai, 2006 - HOLOEYE Photonics AG (Germany) and HOLOEYE Corporation (USA) will introduce the new Phase Panel Developer Kit with HDTV resolution at the Optetec in Frankfurt, Germany.

HOLOEYE´s new "HEO 1080 P" phase only modulator is based on a reflective LCoS (Liquid-Crystal-on-Silicon) microdisplay with full WUXGA/HDTV resolution (1920 x 1080 Pixel). Due to the ECB (Electrically Controlled Birefringence) display mode the phase panels provide a pure phase shift of 2 Pi up to 1064 nm. Currently there are two panel versions available optimized for 420nm - 810 nm and for 800 nm - 1100 nm.

All optical phase functions (gratings, phase masks, holograms, etc.) are addressed by a DVI graphics card, which can be implemented in a standard PC using the SLM device simply as an "external monitor". A GUI (graphical user interface) enables the user to adapt the modulation performance to an actual task and laser wave length.

With a pixel pitch of only 8.0 µm, HDTV resolution, a high light efficiency (due to the reflective structure of the micro display) and an image refresh frame rate of 60 HZ via DVI, the HEO 1080 P phase only modulator is the right solution for a wide range of applications.

Applications range from wave front correction, optical tweezers, optical metrology, interferometry, lithography, holography to all other phase shifting applications.

Company Name: HOLOEYE Corporation
Address 1: 23151 Verdugo Dr., Suite 114
Address 2:
City: Laguna Hills
State: CA
Zip: 92653
Phone: (949) 461 70 64

Contact Name: Klaus von Guenner

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