Pharmaceutical and Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Kits Now Available on Heritage Lifecycle Store

Heritage Environmental Services, LLC has expanded its Heritage Lifecycle(TM) Mail Back Store by adding new products to its pharmaceutical mail back program, new options for sharps and other regulated medical waste, and additional universal waste mail back products including battery bags.

A description of each of the new offerings is below. The Heritage Lifecycle(TM) Mail Back Store provides simple on-line ordering and payment for containers that may be used for your universal, pharmaceutical and regulated medical waste disposal and/or recycling needs. Pricing is all inclusive of the containers, shipping, instructions, and recycling/disposal of pharmaceuticals.

The Heritage Pharmaceutical Disposal (PhD)(TM) mail-back program is a cost effective, compliant, and environmentally sound solution for properly disposing of small quantities of pharmaceutical wastes. Heritage PhD kits are available in easy to use 1 and 2-gallon sizes for a variety of facilities depending on their unique disposal needs and regulatory requirements. Each Heritage PhD kit includes shipping box, bucket, instructions, labels, prepaid postage and disposal. Pharmaceutical waste that is placed into the kit is shipped to a Heritage facility for secure, documented destruction. Additional mailback containers are also available for compliant DEA Controlled Substance Pharmaceutical Disposal (for DEA Registrants only). Certain State restrictions apply.

Heritage Lifecycle(TM), in partnership with Sharps Compliance, Inc., is offering products for mailback disposal of regulated medical wastes. Products include biohazard spill kits, kits for disposal of sharps and other regulated medical waste, as well as dental amalgam. The disposal by mail systems are complete systems for the proper disposal of used needles, syringes, and other small quantities of bio-hazardous waste. Some regulated medical waste are converted by Sharps, Compliance Inc. to PELLA-DRX(TM), an evolution in medical waste disposal, which removes the hazard from the medical waste, repurposes the material into useful resources for cement manufacturing, and eliminates landfill disposal of medical waste residues.

Battery Bag Self Dispenser Kit - Ideal for battery terminal protection during shipment to prevent generation of heat or sparks (40CFR Part 172), and eliminates tedious taping of battery terminals. Each kit contains 4,000 various sized bags to cover multiple battery sizes and shapes.

According to Phil McAtee, Director of Heritage Healthcare Services, "Heritage is excited to expand our product offerings through our Lifecycle(TM) mail back program. When the volume of waste generated doesn't require a truck based pickup, Lifecycle(TM) presents a compliant and cost-effective alternative. Additionally, these enhanced mail back solutions are a great complement to Heritage's core comprehensive services offerings; onsite services, analytical testing, transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, and labpacking that we currently provide to thousands of customers throughout the United States."

About Heritage Environmental Services:

Heritage Environmental Services, LLC is one of the country's largest full-service environmental firms. Headquartered in Indianapolis and with locations throughout the United States, Heritage is a company that has been providing sustainable solutions for some of yesterday's and today's most challenging environmental problems since 1970. Heritage works with companies across many industries, offering a variety of services such as waste treatment & disposal, a nationwide transportation network, laboratory testing, industrial maintenance, lab pack, product recovery, product manufacturing and byproduct management.

Jeff Ritter

Marketing Specialist


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