Pfeiffer Vacuum Highlights Innovative Vacuum Solutions at Touch Panel Korea Trade Show

ASSLAR, Germany

• Product developments set the new benchmark in vacuum coating

• Powerful vacuum pumps and leak detectors

Pfeiffer Vacuum, a leading global provider of vacuum technology, will participate in the Touch Panel Korea Trade Show from August 20 to 22, 2014. Visitors to booths E25-E28 have the opportunity to discuss groundbreaking vacuum solutions with experts from Pfeiffer Vacuum. "Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces important new vacuum solutions for applications in the LED and flat/touch panel fields. The various production steps during the application of thin coats are impossible without modern vacuum technology. Our products set new benchmarks for reliability and pumping capacity, particularly for light gases," says Sam Oh, Representative Director of Pfeiffer Vacuum Korea.

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers powerful turbopumps for the vacuum coating in LED and flat screen technologies. The turbopumps distinguish themselves with their high pumping speeds, maximum gas throughput and very good compression of light (H2, He) and heavy gases (Ar, CF4). The process equipment is yet another feature making these high vacuum pumps ideal for deployment in the flat and touch panel fields. The suitability for industrial applications is confirmed by the IP 54 protection class and SEMI S2 Standard certification. The functional aluminum housing keeps these pumps extremely lightweight. A sealing gas connection protects the bearings from particles and reactive gases. This results in optimal integration capacity and a significantly improved service life.

Different processes and applications require specifically tailored turbopumps. The individual requirements are being taken into account with various bearing designs.

Aside from the turbopumps, there are also the adixen by Pfeiffer Vacuum dry pumps meeting the current and future challenges of cutting-edge procedures in the coating industry (LED/OLED, flat/touch panel and solar). The multi-stage roots vacuum pumps of the ADH series are designed for challenging processes where lots of dust accumulates, corrosive gases are pumped and high temperatures are present. These vacuum pumps distinguish themselves with their high gas throughput and a pumping speed of 600 to 4,500 mcubed/h. The pumping speed for the light gases particularly needed in innovative coating processes is especially high. A monitoring system monitors the pumps in the process. The strongly reduced energy and water consumption result in low operating costs. Their silent operation (< 65 dBA) makes them ideal even for serial installations.

The new ASM 340 will also be showcased in operation at the Pfeiffer Vacuum booth. This powerful yet compact leak detector is extremely well suited for reliable quality assurance, even under challenging conditions. The device is used in a wide range of applications with helium and hydrogen. It is available in conventional and dry versions, and covers a range of tasks from maintenance to serial production. Qualitative localization of leaks as well as quantitative integral or local testing is possible. The powerful vacuum system guarantees rapid operational readiness. The leak detector further features a fast response time, facilitated by the high helium pumping speed. These characteristics result in short cycle times and high component throughput. The ASM 340 is the only leak detector of its class available on the market that is capable of localizing leaks starting at 100 hPa.

About Pfeiffer Vacuum

Pfeiffer Vacuum (Stock Exchange Symbol PFV, ISIN DE0006916604) is one of the world's leading providers of vacuum solutions. In addition to a full range of hybrid and magnetically levitated turbopumps, the product portfolio comprises backing pumps, measurement and analysis devices, components as well as vacuum chambers and systems. Ever since the invention of the turbopump by Pfeiffer Vacuum, the company has stood for innovative solutions and high-tech products that are used in the markets Analytics, Industry, Research Development, Coating and Semiconductor. Founded in 1890, Pfeiffer Vacuum is active throughout the world today. The company employs a workforce of some 2,200 people and has more than 20 subsidiaries. For more information, please visit

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