Pewter Alloys come in lead-free formulas.

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Available in standard and custom variations, line of Pewter Alloys includes lead-free formulas, Britannia, and genuine pewter. Tin-base and lead-base pewter alloys are also available for centrifugal spin casting, rubber mold casting, gravity pour and slush castings. For sculpture, jewelry, and arts and crafts, alloys are available in circles, discs, sheets, ingots, wire, and special shapes. Finishes include mechanical, chemical, organic, and electroplated.

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Lead-Free Pewter Alloys Now Available

Belmont Metals Inc. is a manufacturer of standard & custom non ferrous metals and alloys ( aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, nickel, pewter, tin and zinc) for casting, plating, brazing, soldering, chemicals, and other uses. We have an extensive inventory with flexibility in formulas & shapes that include ingots, shot, powder, pigs, bars and rods. Belmont remains committed to supplying only the highest quality products. Selection of best quality raw materials, combined with stringent manufacturing controls, assures you of reliable products. Belmont introduces an expanded pewter alloys offering with standard & custom variations with lead-free taking on a leading role.

Belmont has introduced an extensive line of pewter alloys featuring lead free formulas, Britannia & genuine pewter. We offer a complete line on tin-base and lead-base pewter alloys for centrifugal spin casting, rubber mold casting, gravity pour and slush castings. Finishes include, mechanical, chemical, organic & electroplated. Pewter alloys for castings, sculpture, jewelry, arts & crafts available in circles, discs, sheets, ingots, wire & special shapes.

At Belmont Metals we speak your language; CDA, ASTM, QQ specifications on all master alloys, degasifiers & deoxidizers, custom blends, with focus specialty on low melting, high purity non ferrous metals. DFARS & RoHS complainant, alloy metal materials are available including environmentally correct alloys.

Belmont Metals offers pure metals and alloys in the custom shapes or sizes you require at low prices. With over 1,000 products in inventory coupled with our lustrous reputation for metallurgical innovation, Belmont provides the vital ingredients for your business success.

Metallurgical assistance in product selection and application is available. We offer an extensive and diversified inventory, a variety of shapes, in any quantity. With over 100 years of experience we have provided the highest quality products to meet all industries specification requirements with quick delivery and reasonable prices for metals and alloys worldwide.

Call the experts at Belmont Metals today at 718-342-4900 or fax your application requirements to 718-342-0175. Visit us at We showcase a product bulletin that features articles for all your alloy metals. To communicate with a sales engineer via e-mail send to

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