Petersen and Contractor Simplify a Tricky Cooling Loop Valve Replacement

Petersen Products makes a large variety of pipeline plugging systems including high pressure, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. It also makes a variety of drain flushing and sewer cleaning products.

Innovator Industrial Services needed a valve replacement but to do so required creative thinking. “This was a cooling system loop with a valve closed and handle broken in a vertical run,” explains Innovator Operations and Quality Coordinator Darren Nisbet. “The system was working, so it wasn’t exactly an emergency. But clearly the valve needed replacing and there was no obvious way to isolate the valve and repair it without shutting the whole system down.”

Innovator needed a precisely formed, high-quality inflatable bag stop that would exactly fit the T-join, and they needed a very compact insertion mechanism that could be used in the limited space available. That’s where Petersen Products came in. And we delivered. “We were given an eight-hour window to do this work, and ended up completing everything in just seven hours,” says Nisbet. “There were no surprises.”

Petersen, a Century-plus Company

Petersen Products, a Wisconsin-based firm, has been making high-quality inflatable products for over a hundred years. Its team of mechanical engineers develops standard and highly technical custom plugging systems to solve most pipeline requirements. Petersen products are used internationally in mines, dams, plants, and sewer lines for extreme size, pressure, temperature, and chemical specifications. Some block hundreds of tons of pressure; others high temperatures, still others resist all kinds of chemicals. The largest plug the company has made is 21 feet in diameter installed under 450 meters of water with remote operated equipment; the smallest is one-quarter of an inch., 1-800-926-1926

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