PET Resins form smooth, glossy surfaces at 90°C.

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Impet® PET FC835, FC840, and FC845 contain glass-mineral filler at loadings of 35, 40, and 45%, respectively. Crystallization rates at 90-100° allow use of water-cooled molds instead of oil-cooled molds. Resins can be injection molded to create components such as automotive luggage racks, spark plug covers, and grill opening retainers.

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New Impet ® PET Resins Form Smooth, Glossy Surfaces at 90°C Rather than the Normal 130°C

Faster Crystallization Allows Use of Water-Cooled Molds Instead of Harder-to-Use Oil-Cooled Ones.

Summit, New Jersey, July 21, 2004 - Ticona, the technical polymers business of Celanese AG (FSE: CZZ), has introduced three Impet® polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins that give smooth, glossy surfaces at mold temperature of 90 to 100°C, allowing the use of water-cooled tools rather than oil-cooled ones as needed with most other PETs.

The new Impet® PET resins (Patent Pending) contain glass-mineral filler at loadings of 35 percent (Impet® PET FC835), 40 percent (Impet® PET FC840) and 45 percent (Impet® PET FC845). Their crystallization rates at 90 to 100°C match those of standard PETs at 130°C or higher. The new grades also have somewhat improved flow and cycle times when injection molded to create such components as automotive luggage racks, spark plug covers and grill opening retainers.

"Most PETs crystallize slowly when tool temperature falls to between 100 and 110°C," says Ken Price, Product Manager, "so it's difficult to process them in water-cooled molds that typically operate below this range. To avoid overly rough surfaces in the parts they fabricate, processors often turn to harder-to-use, oil-cooled systems that operate at or above 130°C. However, water-cooled molds are preferred from a safety perspective, since they are less of a hazard in the event of leakage."

"Our new Impet® PET grades offer a solution to this processing issue. In one test, for instance, we compared the gloss produced by Impet® PET FC840 and Impet® PET 835R when they were molded at 95 °C. The two grades are the same basic resin except that Impet® PET 835R lacks our recently developed proprietary additive package. Impet® PET FC840 gave a smooth surface with a 60° gloss of 61.3. The surface produced by Impet® PET 835R was much rougher and had a gloss of just 11.2."

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For information on fast-crystallizing, glossy grades of Impet® PET and other Impet® PET resins, contact: Ticona, 90 Morris Avenue, Summit, New Jersey, 07901, USA. Phone: 1-800-833-4882 or 1-908-522-7500. Email: Or visit:

About Ticona and Celanese
Ticona, the technical polymers business of Celanese AG, Kronberg, Germany, produces and markets a broad range of engineering polymers and achieved sales of 675 million in 2003. Ticona has approximately 2,000 employees at production, compounding and research facilities in the USA, Germany and Brazil.

Celanese AG is a global chemicals company with leading positions in its key products and world class process technology. The Celanese portfolio consists of four main
businesses: Chemical Products, Acetate Products, Technical Polymers Ticona, and Performance Products. The Performance Products business consists of Nutrinova sweeteners and food ingredients.

Celanese generated sales of around 4.1 billion in 2003 and has about 9,500 employees. The company has 24 production plants and six research centers in 10 countries mainly in North America, Europe and Asia. Celanese AG shares are listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange (symbol CZZ).

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