Personna Single Edge Blades and Tools Spotlighted During Auto Glass Week

VERONA, Va. – Personna, the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality 2 and 3 edge blades for the glass and glass replacement industry, is a prominent sponsor of the Auto Glass Week show in Tampa, Florida, September 18-20, 2013. Personna is providing its 3 facet single edge blades and safety dispenser for use during the tradeshow's NordGlass Auto Glass Technician Olympics (AGTO) and the GlasWeld's Windshield Repair Olympics (WPO), two highly anticipated events at Auto Glass Week.

Personna's 3 facet blades, the crown jewel of the single edge blade market, are the industry standard for glass processing. The blades are offered in a variety of materials, thicknesses and configurations to suit all glass processing needs. The proprietary grind process creates the sharpest blade available and offers a super sharp and ultra-long life. Applications of the 3 facet blades include safety glass manufacturing, processing and cleaning glass and mirrors. Three facet blades are available oiled or degreased, depending on the application. The blades greatly reduce the risk of scratching materials and the superior edge quality reduces scrap rate and saves money.

With a 135 year tradition of quality and innovation, coupled with its reputation as the leading glass blade manufacturer, Personna has recently entered into a private label relationship with The Bohle Group of Charlotte, North Carolina. The Bohle Group is a leading supplier of tools, machines and accessories for glass processing and finishing. The new brand, Bohle by Personna, will include 2 and 3 facet single edge blades.

Personna continues to innovate and extend its glass product line with utility blades, snap-off blades, safety dispensers, scrapers and auto-retractable snap-off knives. Personna's Auto Change retractable utility knife features blades stored in the knife handle for automatic loading eliminating the need for other tools. The snap-off knife features a stainless steel body, pocket clip and safety cap. The single edge safety dispenser houses 100 single edge blades and features a push button which safely releases each blade backing  first. No more need to unwrap each blade thereby reducing cuts and creating an overall safer, greener product.

According to Don Davis, Product Line Manager, "Personna delivers what glass processors demand:  blade edges with the perfect balance of sharpness and durability, packaging options for a variety of end users, and tools developed with the end user in mind."

Personna is one of the largest producers of professional, medical, and industrial blades with manufacturing facilities in North America. Personna is dedicated to creating blades and bladed products that satisfy the needs of professional, medical, and industrial customers. From the most basic to the most advanced product, Personna is dedicated to delivering quality, performance and innovation.

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