Permutit Power Products from Siemens Water Technologies Accurately Measure, Manage Water Flow at Nuclear Power Facilities

Warrendale, Pa., October 4, 2006 -- Siemens Water Technologies is re-launching its proven Permutit® product designs and high quality components. Since 1970, Permutit Power products have been used in the nuclear power industry to accurately measure and manage water flow in the plant. Now, new nuclear plants as well as existing plants require new parts or upgrade replacements. To meet this need, the Siemens product line includes feedwater flowmeters, flow straighteners, Venturi elements and non-regenerable demineralizers.

Permutit products maintain continuity in design and fabrication methodology; while at the same time meet newer standards to maintain the reliability and ruggedness of the equipment. Virtually all nuclear power plants in the USA have Permutit feedwater meters/venturis installed, in addition to US-designed plants in operation overseas. So, records and Permutit designs for these plants are still maintained and thus the original parts installed decades ago can be easily duplicated. These products can be easily retrofitted, replicated or upgraded to fit into existing installations.

All components meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the nuclear industry, and various codes as applicable, including the established Nuclear Quality program which meets the criteria of NCA-3800, 10CFR21, 10CFR50 appendix B, ANSI N45.2, NQA 1, ANSI B31.1 and other codes.

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