Permeability Tester Measures Oxygen Performance of Contact Lenses

i-OXTRA 7600 Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester is designed to measure the oxygen transmission rate of various films including plastic films, plastic composite films, paper-plastic composite films, coextruded films, aluminized films, aluminum foil, aluminum composite films, and many others

A: Install the package flange and fix it with 2 socket head screws and then tighten it with Allen wrench. Make sure the 2 holes in the flange and those of the lower test chamber are well aligned and the O-ring should be fixed tightly.

B: Mount the test specimen in the order shown in the figures below

C: Set up test parameters and perform zero purging. Make sure Valve 1 and 2 on the left side and Valve 6 on the right side of the instrument are all closed

D: In process of testing, observe the flow of upper test chamber and lower test chamber through the rotameter and test interface respectively. The flow rate should be controlled around 20 ml/min in the upper test chamber by adjusting Valve 4 and 5. The flow rate should be controlled around 10ml/min in the lower test chamber by adjusting Valve 3.

E: After the zero point is confirmed, close Valve 5 and Valve 4 one by one. Then open Valve 6 so the oxygen could be connected to upper test chamber. Observe the rotameter and keep the flow rate in the upper test chamber at 20 ml/min and in the lower chamber at 10 ml/min. Test curves would be displayed as shown in the figure below.

F: When the tests are finished, close Valve 6 to stop oxygen flow. Continue to purge the upper and lower test chambers with high purified nitrogen until the concentration of oxygen is reduced below 10ppm. Then close Valve 2 and Valve 1 in order. View the test results and reports. If necessary, repeat the above procedures to perform another round of tests

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