Permanent Hoist Magnets

Magnetic specialties, Inc. announces their new line of Lifting Magnets or Permanent Hoist Magnets. Permanent Hoist Magnets eliminate the hassle of electric cords or awkward slings. Proven safe and reliable, for over 30 years, they can't fail due to power fluctuations. After 100 years, the magnets will still be over 99.5% strong! All include a hand release lever and are ruggedly built with stainless steel casings and a multi-pole design.

They can also be used in tandem with a spreader bar for lifting larger loads. The magnets are heat resistant so they're perfect for use with burning tables and welding setups.

Magnetic Specialties, Inc. an Oregon based manufacturer offers a complete line of handheld magnets, magnetic fixtures, painting and plating racks, and other high quality, close tolerance magnetic shop tools.

Contact Info:

Dan Pfingsten

Magnetic Specialties, Inc.

9812 SE Empire Court

Clackamas, OR 97015

(800) 547-6353

Fax: (971) 206-2001

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