Permanent and Portable Bleachers integrate safety features.

Press Release Summary:

Able to seat 108 people, 7-row Speedy Bleachers feature guardrails as well as aisles with handrails. Portable products fold in half to facilitate towing by truck/SUV. Setup within minutes, bleachers feature hand crank assisted by 5 torsion springs to assist in lowering/raising bottom 3 rows. Also available, permanent bleachers have interlocking foot planks and seats, standard vertical picket guardrails, and backrest option. Design eliminates gaps to prevent falls and trips.

Original Press Release:

ParknPool Expands Bleacher Collection for 2011

ParknPool, one of the leading national online suppliers of commercial outdoor furniture and site amenities, has expanded our bleacher collection for 2011. Adding a smaller, more economical towable 'Speedy Bleacher,' as well as a new line of elevated and non-elevated bleachers - and providing nationwide installation - guarantees we are a one stop shop for your bleacher needs!

In addition to the existing 9 and 10 row highway towable 'Speedy Bleachers,' (which seat 180-300 people), we now offer a 7 row model that seats 108 people. 'Speedy Bleachers' have all the amenities of our larger bleachers such as guardrails and aisles with handrails, but fold in half so they are easy to tow with a truck or SUV. Our portable bleachers are easy to tow and sets up within minutes. Our 7 row model has a hand crank assisted by 5 torsion springs to help lower and raise the bottom three rows.

'Speedy Bleachers' can be used indoors, outdoors or under a standard tent, which means you can provide seating for special events such as concerts, ceremonies, sporting events and graduations, making these a truly versatile bleacher. We have also added a new line of elevated and non-elevated bleachers you are looking for permanent seating.

Our new line of permanent bleachers has interlocking foot planks and seats, standard vertical picket guardrails and a backrest option. The interlocking seats and foot planks close the gaps that are commonly found in other sets of bleaches. Gaps between the footboard and seat, or where the guardrails and footboards meet that are large enough for a person to pass through can cause injury. By closing these gaps, we have eliminated the danger of falling through or tripping over the foot planks. Vertical picket guardrails are standard on the new line of bleachers, which deters climbing and reduces liability, allowing for a greater peace of mind for you and your patrons.

To increase safety and convenience, the foot plank attaches to the riser with a tongue and lip interlocking system, which closes the dangerous gaps. Bleachers with a tongue and lip interlocking system are sturdier, which will make your patrons feel more comfortable. They are also easier to clean. Another added comfort is an option for a backrest that is available on our new line of permanent bleachers. With the backrest option, a third foot plank is added (2 planks without a backrest) to provide additional spacing between rows to ensure maximum comfort.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) developed guidelines for bleacher safety in 1999 after two small children were fatal injured from falling from bleachers. When ordering bleachers, it is advised to check local requirements for such things as aisles and guardrails, ADA, or other conditions. Our staff is knowledgeable on CPSC safety guidelines and building codes. ParknPool's account managers are more than happy to help with your seating needs.

For more information about ParknPool and its new line of bleachers, please call 877-777-3700 or visit

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