Peristaltic Pumps meet industrial and medical OEM needs.

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With moving parts isolated from material flow, SR Series pumps provide maintenance-free transport of corrosive, abrasive, and sterile solutions. They are available in flow capacities from 0.25 ml/min to 2.9 l/min and feature compact design, dry-running capability, and inherent check valve action at rest. Design variations include 3-roller designs and self-adjusting, spring-loaded 2-roller designs. Stepper motor variations are also available.

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Peristaltic Pump Family from Rietschle Thomas Meets Industrial, Commercial and Medical OEM Needs

The Rietschle Thomas line of high-performance SR Series peristaltic pumps has been specially engineered to provide maintenance-free transport of corrosive, abrasive and sterile solutions in a wide variety of applications. Because the moving parts of peristaltic pumps are isolated from the material flow, cleanliness of the stream and long pump life are assured.

Available in flow capacities from 0.25 ml/min to 2.9 l/min, Rietschle Thomas peristaltic pumps feature:

o Robust yet compact designs
o Dry-running capability
o Self-priming suction heights to 8m H2O
o Pressure heights to 10m H2O
o Inherent check-valve action at rest
o Three-roller designs (SR10 series pumps) or self-adjusting, spring-loaded two-roller designs (SR15 and SR25 series pumps)
o AC or DC motor options, with DC models reversible by changing power supply polarity

Various tubing sizes and materials are available to suit flow and chemical compatibility requirements. Materials include Novoprene, Pharmed and silicone. Quick-change cassettes or quick-change tubing, depending on the model, ensure maximum up-time.

Stepper motor versions with on-board control features are offered for metering applications, and gear motor versions are available for extremely low-RPM needs.

Key uses for Rietschle Thomas peristaltic pumps include soap and disinfectant dispensing, condensate removal, dishwashers, water treatment, chemical dosing, and a wide variety of applications in medical, laboratory and food/beverage processing equipment.

With annual sales of over two million units into more than 70 countries, Rietschle Thomas stands as the world leader in vacuum and pressure technology. Rietschle Thomas has been supplying custom and standard pumps and compressors for both air and liquid for over four decades. Rietschle Thomas products are used in a wide variety of applications including medical and pharmaceutical equipment, automobiles, business machines, printing presses, packaging machines, environmental systems and vending products, among others.

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