Peristaltic Pump dispenses fluids at wide range of speeds.

Press Release Summary:

Controlled by digital or analog input, e3 Mini runs at speeds from 5–116 rpm and can pump variety of fluids including hazardous chemicals. By controlling chemicals and preventing release of noxious fumes, device helps keep processes safe. Five user-defined functions and systems option allow users to personalize touchscreen to fit procedure.

Original Press Release:

Designetics, Inc. e3 Mini Improves Fluid Application Process

We believe that the fundamental drivers of process improvement are increased safety and efficiency. For this reason, we created the e3 Mini, a peristaltic pump that is capable of dispensing fluids at a wide range of speeds.

The e3 Mini pumps a variety of fluids including hazardous chemicals. This ability reduces the costs and downtime that occurs with pumps that cannot withstand chemicals. By controlling chemicals and preventing the release of noxious fumes, the device keeps your process safe.

The e3 Mini’s interface design will also simplify your process. According to your preference, either a Digital or Analog input controls the device. Five user-defined functions and a systems option allow you to personalize the touch screen to fit your procedure. In addition, the pump speed runs from 5 RPM to 116 RPM. These features make the device easy to operate and efficient. 

With its systems design and ability to manage chemicals, the e3 Mini will increase your process’s efficiency and safety. As with all of our products, additional modifications to meet your company’s requirements are available upon request. Our goal is not only to fit your process, but also to improve it.

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