Performance Technologies' SEGway(TM) 6200 Point Code Emulation(TM) Solution Enhances Network Service for CTC Communications

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Jan. 30 / -- Performance Technologies (NASDAQ:PTIX), a leading developer of systems, platforms, components and software, today announced CTC Communications will use the company's Point Code Emulation(TM) solution, included in the SEGway(TM) 6200 Mini-STP, to seamlessly manage point codes and routing decisions while deploying additional softswitches into their existing network infrastructure.

CTC is the fastest growing integrated communications carrier in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. They offer a broad suite of converged voice, Internet and data services to businesses and use advanced technology to provide businesses with converged telecommunications services on a broadband, packet-based network deployed from Maine to Maryland and Washington, D.C. The company's PowerPath® Network is an all-IP network, offering flexible architectural options and cost-effective communications solutions for customers.

Performance Technologies' unique Point Code Emulation solution allows CTC to represent multiple private point codes as a pair of public point codes to the PSTN. Deploying new nodes into an existing SS7 network can be expensive, as a new point code must be acquired for each nodal element. In addition, an operator without Point Code Emulation must arrange for the SS7 wholesaler to add a new element's point code and routing information, which can be an administrative-intensive activity involving numerous carriers.

"In combination with a unique level of customer focus, CTC leverages engineering and technology to deliver industry-leading customer service," said Jeff Koester, Senior Vice president of network engineering and network operations for CTC Communications. "Performance Technologies' STP and Point Code Emulation solution allows us to continue this superior service by improving key offerings to customers, adding additional PSTN interconnect redundancy, and minimizing operational obstacles in the network."

The SEGway 6200 Mini-STP with Point Code Emulation, operating as the gateway to a carrier's private network, allows an operator to manage local routing between the private nodes and aggregate SS7 traffic destined for the public network, which results in fewer signaling links and thus lower monthly operating costs. For SS7 networks, Point Code Emulation is analogous to the network address translation (NAT) functionality found in IP networks. New nodes can be added to this private network without the expense of additional point codes or the administration involved with propagating routing information in the public network.

"CTC and similar network operators benefit from products that help reduce infrastructure costs and provide differentiation in a competitive telecom market," said Deb Brunner-Walker, signaling product manager for Performance Technologies. "Our SEGway 6200 Point Code Emulation solution gives CTC Communications a way to reduce infrastructure and operational costs and to also introduce valuable, revenue generating services to customers."

About CTC Communications

CTC Communications is the fastest growing integrated communications carrier in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. CTC offers a full range of voice, Internet and data service solutions, dynamically allocated on a next-generation, all-IP packet-based network. CTC's Cisco-powered IP+ATM packet network runs over a fully managed and CTC-owned fiber optic network from Maine to Maryland. CTC has provided cost-effective communication solutions since 1981 and is today part of the Columbia Ventures Corporation's worldwide family of businesses. Visit CTC Communications online at

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