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Performance Monitoring Software stops plant cycling at source.

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Dec 05, 2012 - Monitoring plant 24/7, PlantTriage software automates engineering analysis, completing Fourier Transform and identifying key periods of oscillation. Software then filters information so only most likely sources of problem will be identified. Pre-configured Problem-Solver report for oscillation analysis can be viewed online, emailed, exported to Excel, or scheduled for email delivery whenever PlantTriage finds significant issue. No programming or SQL skills are required.

Original Press Release

Stop Plant Cycling at Its Source

Press release date: Nov 27, 2012

Process plants can now diagnose and eliminate cycles in minutes.  ExperTune's PlantTriage speeds up problem-solving by immediately finding the most likely source of oscillation problems.  By resolving the problem at its source, plants can achieve improvements in safety, quality, efficiency, and energy usage.

The new tools extend the oscillation analysis features of ExperTune's PlantTriage software, and are included in the standard set of PlantTriage tools.  PlantTriage identifies all process cycles by monitoring the plant 24 x 7.  The software automates the engineering analysis, completing a Fourier Transform and identifying key periods of oscillation.  The software then filters the information so only the most likely sources of the problem will be identified.

“Process cycles are dangerous. They stress equipment, and cause upsets throughout the plant.  In the past, oscillation problems were difficult to solve, and took days of engineering effort,” says George Buckbee, Vice President of Product Development at ExperTune. “By automating the engineering analysis, we can confidently find a solution in minutes.  Plant engineers save hours of analysis time, and solve more problems faster than ever before.”

The new oscillation analysis tools are fully integrated into PlantTriage's web browser interface.  A pre-configured "Problem-Solver" report for oscillation analysis comes standard with PlantTriage.  The report can be viewed on-line, emailed, exported to Excel, or even scheduled for email delivery whenever PlantTriage finds a significant issue.  No programming or SQL skills are required.

"Our clients are gaining a competitive advantage by stabilizing their plants.  There is simply no reason to continue living with the high cost and risk associated with plant cycling," says Buckbee.  "Working with PlantTriage is like having a team of engineers who never sleep."

The cycle detection and analysis tools are included with all PlantTriage systems, version 11.01 and higher.  Existing PlantTriage users receive the features at no charge, as part of their software maintenance agreement.

About ExperTune
For over 25 years, ExperTune has created award-winning optimization software now running in thousands of plants world-wide.  ExperTune’s PID Loop Optimizer is the industry-leading control loop tuning software, having won dozens of awards over its history.  PlantTriage® Control Performance Monitor software oversees the optimization of an entire plant, including equipment, operations, and controls.  The PlantTriage suite of optimization tools are designed to increase the efficiency of processes.  The tools include swing or oscillation detection and elimination, interaction analysis, modeling, robustness, linearization, valve wear analysis, pH linearization, time series analysis, MPC performance improvement, 6-sigma, frequency response, and PID tuning tools. ExperTune is a member of the OPC Foundation.  PlantTriage also seamlessly integrates with the ProcessApex Unit Operations Evaluator.  For more information, set your browser to .