Performance Enhancements make controller platform faster.

Press Release Summary:

ControlLogix5555 enhancements include 30% increase in floating-point math computation speed, addition of synchronized motion control capability, and non-volatile flash ROM memory card, making it suitable for high-performance, industrial control of sequential, process, drive or motion control systems in any combination. For more speed, processor executes motion control and function block instructions out of RAM rather than flash memory.

Original Press Release:

Rockwell Automation Increases ControlLogix Platform System Performance

Expands suitability for a wide range of process and motion control applications

CLEVELAND, November 14, 2001 - Complete automation leader Rockwell Automation has enhanced the popular Allen-Bradley' ControlLogix platform to achieve increased productivity and system performance in a wide range of complex process and motion control applications.

With a 30 percent increase in processor speed, the addition of synchronized motion control capability, and the availability of a new, non-volatile flash ROM memory card, ControlLogix5555 provides users with a flexible, integrated approach for high-performance, industrial control of sequential, process, drive or motion control in any combination from a single platform.

"Manufacturing engineers require controllers with ultra-fast processors to execute process- and batch-related, function-block instructions and to control high-speed motion applications," said Phil Muren, ControlLogix processor product manager, Rockwell Automation. "The ControlLogix5555 controller packs the processing power necessary to allow users to mix multiple processors, networks and I/O without restrictions. The result is a superior, reliable approach to control that lowers overall costs by reducing the number of controllers needed in a given application."

Increased Processor Speed. To increase the processing speed in the ControlLogix controller, Rockwell Automation engineers modified the processor to enhance its floating- point math computation speed by 30 percent. The new design allows the processor to execute motion control and function block instructions out of the controller's standard random access memory (RAM) rather than from the flash memory cache, which is considerably slower when handling the same computations.

Synchronized Motion and Drive Control.
By adding a SynchLink module, which provides a fiber-optic communications link to the ControlLogix chassis, end-users can deploy time synchronization and data broadcasting capabilities for distributed motion and coordinated drive control with ControlLogix controllers and PowerFlex 700S DriveLogix drives. The SynchLink module synchronizes the movement of data across multiple ControlLogix chassis, moving limited amounts of data from one chassis to another at high speed and letting one controller consume motion axes data from a controller in another chassis.

SynchLink is a uni-directional system that can be configured in star or daisy chain topologies. In star configuration, SynchLink allows connection of up to 256 synchronized nodes. In daisy chain configuration, up to 10 nodes can be coupled by linking them via the SynchLink module's transmit and receive ports. RSLogix 5000 Version 9.0 supports the SynchLink feature.

Non-volatile Memory.
ControlLogix5555 adds an optional non-volatile, flash ROM memory card. The non-volatile memory card allows end-users to save control programs, I/O, configuration, tasks, structures, and data values from the processor into a temporary flash-ROM memory at power shut-down, thereby boosting overall operating efficiency and reliability of the control system. This feature can be configured with RSLogixTm 5000 version 8.0 or later.

Redundancy Support.
In addition to the above features, ControlLogix5555 processors also provide support for redundancy, a feature that will be fully introduced and supported in first quarter 2002.

Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK) is a world-leading provider of industrial automation power, control and information solutions that help customers meet their manufacturing productivity objectives. The company brings together leading brands in industrial automation for Complete Automation solutions, including Allen-Bradley® controls and engineered services and Rockwell Software® factory management software, Dodge® mechanical power transmission products, Reliance Electric motors and drives. The company also is a leading provider of contact management technologies and applications that help companies more efficiently manage interaction with their own customers. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., USA, the company employs approximately 23,000 people at more than 450 locations serving customers in more than 80 countries.

For more information on the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix5555, please contact the Rockwell Automation Response Center, 10701 Hampshire Avenue South, Bloomington, Minn., 55438, 800.223.5354, Ext. 1438. Complete Automation, Dodge, Reliance Electric, Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Software, ControlLogix, PowerFlex, RSLogix and SynchLink are trademarks of Rockwell Automation.

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