Perforated Barrier blocks up to 97% of radiant heat.

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Solar-SNAP(TM) Radiant Heat Barrier employs built-in spring steel battens every 24 in. to secure it in place without harming roofing components and prevent drooping. Available with 16 and 24 in. widths in 500 ft rolls, heavy-duty barrier fits effortlessly in between the trusses on underside of roof decking and can also be easily removed and reinstalled for inspection, cleaning, and repair. It directs water toward eaves to shield ceiling and insulation from damage in case of leaks.

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New Radiant Heat Barrier Installs in a Snap

The energy-saving benefits of radiant heat barriers have been thoroughly proven, but conventional methods of installation are time-consuming, costly and sometimes dangerous. Instead of stapling the foil material to the underside of the rafters from ridge to eave, patented Solar-SNAP(TM) Radiant Heat Barrier from Rhino Hide is simply rolled into place. Greatly reducing the risk of step-throughs and ceiling damage, it doesn't require installers to crawl out onto insulation or hard-to-reach areas.

Able to be hung in ¼ of the time of traditional, staple-in products, Solar-SNAP Radiant Heat Barrier employs unique, built-in spring steel battens every 24" to secure it in place without harming roofing components. Unlike staples that pull out or tear the material, the innovative battens support the barrier evenly, preventing drooping. Over time, they dig farther into the joist, helping to improve their hold.

Available in 16" and 24" widths, the convenient barrier fits effortlessly in between the trusses on the underside of roof decking. It can also be easily removed and reinstalled for inspection, cleaning and repairs. Perforated, the breathable Solar-SNAP Radiant Heat Barrier won't trap vapor.

Since the heavy-duty barrier doesn't impede ventilation within the attic, air can flow freely behind it from the eave to the ridge vents. This reduces moisture buildup, as well as potential mold and mildew problems.

In case of leaks, the Solar-SNAP Radiant Heat Barrier directs water toward the eaves to shield the ceiling and insulation from damage. Prior to installation, UltraBAN and/or UltraBAN-PRO from Rhino Hide can also be sprayed to help protect the roof from moisture-related issues.

State-of-the-art Solar-SNAP Radiant Heat Barrier lowers attic heat in the summer and maintains attic temperature in the winter. It blocks up to 97% of the radiant heat, saving homeowners 25-35% of their energy costs. By lowering humidity, the economical barrier increases comfort in both air conditioned and non-conditioned homes. Reclaiming storage space in the attic, it shelters items from excessive heat.

Rhino Hide's Solar-SNAP Radiant Heat Barrier comes in 500' rolls and has a suggested price of $299. Rhino Hide also offers a version of Solar-SNAP for garage doors and water heater applications.

Contact Rhino Hide, PO Box 909, Eaton Park, FL 33840. 866-34-RHINO; Fax: 863-665-2039.;

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